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Only one week left until I leave! The excited/nervous/overwhelmed sensation is definitely setting in... (The above statement is absolutely true, but I also wanted to check to make sure this blog thing actually works - so don't worry, future entries will be MUCH more interesting :) ... read more

Put a smile on my face. I'm home, I have a job. I have family and friends within my life, there when needed, when lonely or drained, when sucked like a Pixie Stick of all the juices that would otherwise bring a sweet flavor to life. And then the memories, the floods and torrents of the moments in the past that brought me to where I am today. I know I haven't lost them, or slipped on that large, wild banana peel placed before me by the callings of everyday life. I am here, present, but distant in thoughts where I see the future lilting in the dreams I once yearned for. I am here, yet I am not, mesmerized by the smiles and the laughs, the strange enriched situations where the others and I are ... read more
Hidden Pearls
Walking His Beach
La Push's Past

Bryan Does Australia Call it a prologue if you will....or if you won't, call it 'bryan was really excited and wanted to start his FANTASTIC (lame) journal thing already even though he doesn't leave for another month.' (and then say that 5 times fast and tape-record it and send it to me) i'm going to call it: The Slaphappy Beginnings of the Worst Story Ever Told because i own it, so i can, and i like the word 'slaphappy'. this will be a chronicling of my trip to the land down under...I quit two jobs for this trip, so hopefully it doesn't turn into an horrible fiasco where i end up penniless and stranded(although that might make for a pretty good read..fingers crossed for bryan's misfortune!). For those of you who don't know, i decided to ... read more

We are still at home and getting ready to leave, take one last look at Seattle and we are out of here. First take the 13 hour flight to Japan, then transfer to a small airplane and take the two hour flight to Okinawa. We are getting in late, and have a hotel ready about and hour from the airport, half way to the place I will be doing my scuba diving. Here we come Okinawa... read more
Bye to Sparky

I'm at home, comfortable, within the western world; the western United States to be precise. A fire cackles. Spring clouds approach like sticky glue from a southern horizon, one dappled with the silhouettes of pines. Beside me; a dog on the left and two books to the right. One is by the Dalai Lama entitled An Open Heart and the other a book of poetry by Rumi. In the background, the hum of a fully automated heater adds choir to a Johann Sebastian Bach suite (Mass in B minor), emitted from a speaker recessed in the ceiling. My belly is full with an array of proteins and vegetables and my body clean from a hot shower. Two hours prior I got off work, leaving with a full pocket of tips: one hundred twenty dollars in five ... read more
West's Market

Well, no pictures today... just a wrap up. We had a nice morning in Florida, yesterday. Sadly we weren't able to keep the room because they were 100% sold this weekend, so we had to be out at 11:00 AM. Bug went for a swim in the morning and then we gave our bags to the hotel and visited Downtown Disney for a little while. While we were there... it began to rain so it was a good day to be leaving. Lunch back at the hotel and then on the bus to begin the trek home at 2:45 PM. We were checked in by 3:30 PM, braved the HORRENDOUS security line, and were on the concourse by 4:00 PM, sadly our inbound flight was late and so, of course we were late too. We were ... read more

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