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August 21st 2010
Published: August 21st 2010
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So confused.
So the plane takes off tomorrow at 2pm-- an eleven hour flight. I am not even thinking about China right now... just fitting everything into a single suitcase and backpack. A few weeks ago a professor sent us a list of recommendations for packing. He suggests that we bring four pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks... to last us three and a half months. Right. That's going to happen.

I am confused by the adapters and convertors for China's outlets. Hopefully I will be able to figure those out when I arrive. I am also worried about figuring out how to use the internet, getting a cell phone for local use, and about ten million other things mostly having to do with technology. But I worry about technology in the US, so no different than usual. Hopefully they will help us figure it all out at orientation.

Burger, french fries, and cheesecake for my last American dinner. So good. So full.

It still doesn't seem real.

...and now I have to go finish packing...


24th August 2010

you rebel
I certainly hope you didn't buck the system and bring MORE THAN FOUR PAIRS of undies! Do you know if my friend Maree's nieces are on the same trip? Their names are Kia and Chanel Jackson. They are identical twins. Hope all is going well and you aren't too overwhelmed. Glad we got to see you before you left. Sorry Maddie was(and still is) such a crab. I hope it's just a stage. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!
26th August 2010

How is your trip going? Update your blog!!!
29th August 2010

I loved seeing Maddie and Rayna! Don't worry about it. They aren't on the trip with me. Maybe I will see them at the school though.

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