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North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown May 13th 2018

What a great day! The weather was perfect and I had the leisure of cruising around Yorktown all day. Bicycle is the easiest way to do it. I think I had a chance to read every Historical Marker in the National Park. It actually put shivers up my spine to realize this is where the United States began. For twelve days in October 1781, the American Army under George Washington aided by 5500 French soldiers and 34 French ships laid siege to General Cornwallis smaller Army. In October 19,1781 Cornwallis signed the Articles of surrender. I realized today that without the help of the French we probably would not be a country! Although the Revolutionary War lasted another two years, Yorktown was considered the defining victory. Today I got to take it all In and I ... read more
Actual GPS Ride today
Cornwallis underground headquarters
Williamsburg Yorktown Colonial Parkway

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown May 16th 2015

Our ports of call (anchoring outs or marinas) included so far very interesting and historically significant places set up in a beautiful part of the country. But before we could get to Chesapeake we had to round Cape Hatteras and that was a bit of adventure with a night of steady 25 knots gusting to 28. A double riffed main with the staysail carried us through admirably even if there was too much noise that night for Natalya's taste. The seas did not look pretty. But then again no one looks pretty all the time save our friend Carrie (I hope she reads this):)! The morning saw us coming into Norfolk, yielding the channel to G.H.W. Bush - one of if not the largest aircraft carrier in the world. And the world is apparently its oyster. ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown May 2nd 2014

Nach dem Frühstück packten wir unsere Velos aus und montierten sie zusammen. Meines hatte trotz Verpackung einen Lackschaden abbekommen. Wir konnten alles montieren ausser meinem Wechsel. Die Spannung auf die Kette kriegten wir einfach nicht hin. Nach langem Versuchen gaben wir auf und gingen zu einem Bikeshop in der Nähe. Fazit: Das Gewinde war kaputt und das kleine Teil muss ersetzt werden. Leider gibt es von diesem Teil tausend verschiedene und dieses muss zuerst in einem anderen Staat besorgt werden. Kann morgen schon eintreffen oder auch erst in einigen Tagen... Schade, wollten morgen früh los... Hoffen ist angesagt!... read more
Bring ich das jemals zusammen?

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown May 1st 2014

Die Bikes in Kartons verpackt gingen knapp in mein Auto hinein (Kangoo sei Dank!). Anita war so lieb uns zum Flughafen zu begleiteten (Danke!). Das Einchecken mit den Bikes ging relativ gut vonstatten. Der Flug war so weit o.k. Wir hatten genügend Platz weil wir ein Upgrade gebucht hatten. Leider war die Klimaanlage so kalt eingestellt, dass wir trotz Decken fast erfroren... In Atlanta kam dann das grosse Warten bei der Passkontrolle (siehe Bild)... Man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts... Endlich mal durch, mussten wir unser gesamtes Gepäck holen und damit durch den Zoll (nichts mit Gepäck durchstellen). Als wir mit allem durch waren, bemerkte ich, dass ich meinen E-Book Reader im Flugzeug liegen liess... (und er wurde nie mehr gesehen...). Dann rennen um den Anschlussflug nicht zu verpassen. In Newport New kamen wir um 19.00 ... read more
Anstehen vor der Passkontrolle (nach ca. 1 h)
Kann nicht mehr lange gehen...
Ankunft am Flughafen in Newport News /Virginia

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown June 2nd 2013

We left the banks on the Great Mississippi early after a pretty fierce storm and once again headed east for about 472 miles. The ride was largely uneventful and we stayed ahead of the storms. We didn't get much sleep the night before so the drive seemed longer than it was. We arrived at our Baileyton TN RV park right at 1700 and checked in. The park was great and we arrived early enough to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. Mi Hyon made shrimp cocktails and some pasta, I opened the beer, and we had a relaxing dinner. After a little TV to catch up on the approaching weather we went to bed early. Final day, we woke up at our normal 0630, had breakfast, and prepared the rig for departure on the ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown April 10th 2012

I laid out my route from Wanchese NC to Williamsburg VA on MapQuest and downloaded it to my Garmin so I could avoid the freeway congestion around Norfolk VA. All was going well. Although the backdrop was rural interspersed with small urban pockets, the drive on April 3, 2012 was relaxing and enjoyable. (Informational) Irene was taking me on the route I had planned. I wanted to exit from I-664 onto US 17/VA 626 and take US 17 over the James River via a bridge (where I could enjoy the skyline and the river activity) instead of using the Interstate route via a bridge/tunnel. Since I had been advised that RVs must turn off propane tanks before entering the tunnel, just as must be done on the ferries in North Carolina, I had turned off my ... read more
Hornsby House
British Siege Line
American And French Lines In The Distance

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown March 30th 2011

Hello out there!! Well I finally have my blog up and running and I am well into the countdown to Saturday at 2:30 which is when my plane departs for the great state of California! I am getting the final details hashed out with my mom, Beth, who will be joining me for the week on the West Coast. We plan on visiting San Francisco then heading down to San Diego, and ending up in Los Angeles for my flight to Australia and her flight back to Virginia. I am only taking a 40 L backpack with me and plan on living mostly out of that for 16 weeks. There has been a lot of planning for this trip, but at the same time some of it is still up in the air. It is exciting, ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Yorktown June 4th 2010

I have been docked in Hampton since I got back to Salt Ponds. I went to Richmond for a week to build my daughter a deck for her new house. It almost killed me. I think that is the last deck I have in me. It took eight days and 135 trips to Lowes and Home Depot. I could not move for two weeks without pain. I have slipped back into Keys Disease. Very lazy. Good thing is that the less I do the less I spend which means more time for my mini retirement . I went to see some friends in NJ last week so I could not help stopping by Atlantic City since I was so close. I got a room for last Tuesday. They did not have a regular room so I ... read more

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