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June 2nd 2013
Published: June 3rd 2013
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We left the banks on the Great Mississippi early after a pretty fierce storm and once again headed east for about 472 miles. The ride was largely uneventful and we stayed ahead of the storms. We didn't get much sleep the night before so the drive seemed longer than it was. We arrived at our Baileyton TN RV park right at 1700 and checked in. The park was great and we arrived early enough to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather. Mi Hyon made shrimp cocktails and some pasta, I opened the beer, and we had a relaxing dinner. After a little TV to catch up on the approaching weather we went to bed early.

Final day, we woke up at our normal 0630, had breakfast, and prepared the rig for departure on the last 421 mile leg…but the rig wasn’t ready to go. Come on…it’s the last day and Camp Boss won’t start! Sure enough I turned the key and nothing. Tried it again and realized there was no power, good thing there is an emergency boost button! It allows the rig to use the batteries from the coach to help the chassis batteries; thank goodness and prayers we were up and running. We stopped by the local truck stop on the way out to top off the diesel tank w/ $140 and hit I-81 again. Other the being surrounded by big trucks on 81, for the most part it was a nice driving day. No wind, occasional light rain to clean the windshield, and beautiful scenery. I did say for the most part…because shortly before we got to Richmond on I-64 we were attacked and assaulted; by thousands of cicadas. Mi Hyon could hear them in the woods along I64, while we were driving, now that’s loud! Of course Camp Boss has a really big windshield, great for seeing the countryside, but equally great for smashing kamikaze cicadas destined to end it all. After about 20 minutes of collecting bugs, and looking through their remains, we were lucky to reach a rest stop so I could wash the windows. After the rest stop we didn’t see many more bugs and the rest of the journey was beautiful!

Well we arrived safely home at the end of a 6800 mile journey (5400 on RV another 1400 miles on car) though 15 states! We set off May 8th, with an aggressive plan to see everything we could in a short 25 days. The plan worked well and we achieved our goal to see countless and unbelievable vistas! We really enjoyed the man-made beauty of Europe during our stays there, but this county of ours tops it all! We thank Randy/Diane and Dad/Karen for their company, kindness, and hospitality...our visit with them was a welcome break. We also thank all those who prayed for our safe passage, as we were rewarded w/ a problem free trip. Lastly, we thank the National Park Service for their stewardship of our Parks and for offering a low-cost annual park pass. The folks of the NPS are great Americans for all they do! It’s been fun recording our memories in the blog, but we are both happy to be back in our own bed. Now it’s time to plan the next big trip…Mi Hyon wants to try Key West. That's all for now.


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