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North America » United States » Virginia » Washington September 25th 2019

Day 17 - Lazy day We started the day when I woke I just played on the iPad, because dad had gone to Arlington Cemetery (and saw where J.F.K was buried) and the Air and Space Museum. Zoe woke up an hour later and we got an Uber at 1 to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Then we went to Shake Shack, which was delicious, I got crinkle-cut fries and a vanilla shake. At the shops I got a tee shirt and Zoe got a dress. We caught up with dad and went to a nature museum. We then got an Uber to Georgetown and got a yummy dinner calamari/pizza. Ps I’m feeling much better everyone. Thanks for all your messages!... read more
Zoe seeing what she would look like as a Neanderthal
Pick the odd one out
Plastic in the ocean makes me sad

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington September 23rd 2019

Day 16 - family tours Washington Early Sunday morning we joined a small tour with an American family to see the major sights of Washington. We visited theCapital, the Jefferson memorial; the Luther king memorial; Lincoln Memorial (from which Martin Luther king had a Dream). Plus then memorials for WWII; Korea; Vietnam and for the marines at Iwo Jima. And then we finished at the White House which was really cool. There were Australian flags 🇦🇺everywhere. They must have known we were in town. Oh yes and scomo was In town as well! We also had a quick trip to The Washington children’s hospital as Bella was suffering from an ear infection. Let’s just say she did not figure prominently in the family photo at the White House!! After a few trips across town to pharmacies ... read more
View of the Capital from the Mall
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington September 22nd 2019

After a quick trip to Macy’s we bid a fond farewell to Mike, Caroline and Franzi. We’ve had such a wonderful week with them exploring the sights of New York and will really miss them all terribly. It really is so much fun meeting up in a different country every few years, catching up and discovering new places together! Dean had a last trip to his favourite coffee shop on the corner - I think their revenue will drop significantly! I’ll miss looking out the front window at the Fire Station and Brooklyn Food Co-op with all the volunteers carrying shopping to customers car. Our bags seemed a little heavier as we lugged them on the subway for our Amtrak Train to Washington DC. It was just over three hours on the train and we arrived ... read more
Our Brooklyn hood
Brooklyn Food Co-op and Fire Station
Subway bound

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington February 19th 2014

Oh say - can you see all the sights in D.C. – in one day? Well, if you walk like a demon in between metro stations and don’t mind whistle-stop stops, then yeah, mostly. We set out after a mammoth breakfast fairly early so were both ‘stoked’ and ‘psyched’ to see the famous monuments. We packed in Abe, Korea, Pacific, the obelisk and Capitol Building. We were quite smug. I’d been excited to see the pool of reflection at Abe’s memorial because of the scene that features it in X-men: First Class. I’m such a nerd. What with all the walking and appreciating, by six we were famished again and ventured out to seek succour. We found a hip looking spot called Gordon Biersch and rounded on it hungrily. Now, let’s be clear, me and my ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington October 9th 2011

Well it has been a sunny few days in Washington. I have seen the Arlington Cemetry with the grave of JFK. I wandered around the Tidal Basin & saw the Thomas Jefferson memorial & saw the statute of Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial. The Capitol building & the Washington memorial looked majestic in the sunlight & the museums along the mall looked beautiful. I happened upon a festival celebrating different foods so naturally I sampled a few of them & enjoyed my first glass of cider in the sun. The White House was a sight to see and it has been great to see all the famous sights in this lovely city. I also happened to brefriend another English traveller in the street so it has been nice to share these sights with someone else. Tomorrow ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington June 9th 2011

Washington was full of memorial monuments and we didn't have time to do all that we wanted to do and go see all the well known memorials.. We did see the White House from distance, seems like security has been beefed up since Bin Laden's death and one can't get too close to important buildings.. Wasgington seemed like an outdoor museum full of historic and political pieces displayed in roads, parks and sidewalks, a very different feel to some of the other cities we have been to. I have very little time and still have a whole lot to write I might fill in on Washington on a later date...but the pics should give you an idea... chat later x... read more
Some Tall Memorial
Stand Tall

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington April 24th 2011

we are sitting at the airport in London already and waiting for our plane to Mumbai. I know we are late with writing but the time goes soo fast... Anyway we got to Washington by Amtrak train again. The train took 35 hours but included 2 nights which wasn't so bad. After our arrival and after viewing the train station you could already tell that this city is somewhat different. The Union Station was reopened in 1988. It was the largest, most complex public/private restoration project ever attempted in the United States. In 1903, Daniel H. Burnham, Director of Works, principal architect of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, was chosen to design Union Station. The white granite and classic lines used in Union Station set the mode for Washington's classic monumental architecture for the next ... read more
Photo 4

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington March 21st 2011

Second day in the capitol I planned to take it easy, relax a bit and move whenever I felt like it to the capitol building(the only monumental object left after yesterdays tourist-madness) and a museum or two(they have like 20 on a couple of blocks). So it happened as was planned, got up at ten-ish, did some internet stuff and then set out for lunch and some culture-soaking afterwards. Firstly I intended to visit the National Archives, a museum like building(it also holds, u would never guess, archives of like all emigration and business-documents) which holds exhibits of pieces like the declaration of independence and all those fancy important documents, the war between the Union(north) and Confederates(south), and the more important presidents. As a second I picked the National Museum of Natural History, which is a ... read more
National Museum of Natural History
Reflecting pool(its magic !!) and Capitol building.

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington March 20th 2011

The last day in NYC I set out to do nothing in particular besides visiting little Italy which I had missed the day before by going over Manhattan bridge, getting to liberty island, and of course being in time for my 8.30bus to DC. So again I took the subway down south to the ferry. Where to my amazement the waiting line seemed even longer then the day before, so getting to liberty island seemed out of the question. I found that to be a bit of a pity but not the end of the world... little Italy here I come!! It seemed more like Chinatown-in-a-little-Italy though but besides some fighting between grown people there wasn’t rlly anything special to be seen here unless U count 30chandeleer shops in a row as something to be remembered. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Virginia » Washington July 5th 2010

You know that its going to be an interesting day when the first thing you hear upon waking up in the morning is, "Hey... if it's ok... I might need to go to a medical centre today guys". Those of you who have loved ones travelling with me will be pleased to know that no medical interventions were actually required. And so we set out, into another ridiculously hot day (around 40 degrees celcius) to once again make the 'short' walk down to the Mall. Washington on the Independance Day public holiday was eerily empty, a different place to where Gez and I had been walking with hundreds of thousands of people just the night before! As we walked past a rather grand building adorned with lots of patriotic banners, I noticed in big letters "D.A.R.". ... read more
Yes, it is! Daughter of the American Revolution!
Fun with statues

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