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North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield June 9th 2017

Went into Washington DC today to do an open top bus tour with Rene O'Brien Harlow and Bill Harlow (Big Bus Tour of Washington D.C.) An impressive array of museums, monuments and galleries The Washingtonians have put their 'awl and their all' toward embedding their constitutional pride into the landscape. Towering majestic monuments and impressive museum collections testify to the founding (fathers' you will note) principles There is a gob smacking array of monumental and well kept symbols of American freedoms. One of our tour guides Fowzia (pseudonym) was full of insights and amusing anecdotes As an American born Muslim - she was notably sensitive to landmarks of ethnic significance - keen to point out the broken Swastika of the Holocaust Museum, highlighting the newer African American Museum and its popularity, the symbolism of the American ... read more
Union Station exterior
Union Station interior
Union Station interior

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield November 6th 2011

Sharing stories, knowledge, friendly encounters are characteristics of travel that create the experience, and indeed shape the memories of new places. On Friday, I headed down to Springfield, VA to meet with the bride and groom of a wedding I shot last month. It hadn't felt like fall yet until I went beyond the city limits into the red and gold leaf lined roads of Virginia. Spending time growing up in the mountains of Vermont, I was so happy to see green again. After the photo review and dinner, we headed over to Top Golf, a two floor driving range with waitresses to bring food and beer at your request. Top Golf is a frequent hang out for more mellow nights with friends when the effort to brave the bars is just not there. Getting ... read more
The Church
Mallory's gorgeous dress

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield December 19th 2010

I spent my teen years in Vermont partying around a bonfire in fields, attending a high school with a severe drug problem and organized on a semi-democratic system. Of course, I read On the Road. Kerouac and his literary legacy were sacred to most of my wide eyed, Marx-ing, vegetarian school mates. For the energetic, experimental twenty somethings of the time, the beats ushered them into adulthood. Kind of. Sadly relevant, On the Bro'd is a translation of Kerouac's American classic that speaks to a much more recent generation of highfives and popped collars with references to The Situation, Oasis, Wild Wings, Facebook, flip cup, and Hustler mags. But then they strutted down the streets like total pimps, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after bros who interest me, because ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield August 3rd 2010

Undress Me In the Temple of Heaven, Susan Jane Gilman. Memoir. 2009, Grand Central Publishing. $13.99 If you even think about traveling, you should read Susan Gilman’s Undress Me In The Temple of Heaven. Set in 1986, Gilman tells us of her around the world trip, an idea hatched in the inspiring hour of 3am with her college mate Claire from the slogan on the menu of a pancake house. Beginning in China the moment it reopened its borders to backpackers, the two confront the harsh realities of “roughing it” in an overpopulated Communist country. While nostalgic for American toilets and the hearty homeland cuisine of burgers and fries, Gilman and her friend straddle the divide of insanity and authentic experience. Undress was a relief for this reader, who was tuckered out of all the travelogues ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield July 18th 2010

My first real bout of homesickness came when I was trying to set up my new home in D.C. I thought it was just going to be a transition. I wasn't changing, I was just changing locations, something I had come to believe I had become pretty talented at over the years. I had left Savannah in search of more opportunity. My relationship with that city had become unhealthy and tired out. The only thing I really seemed to have accomplished while there was getting people drunk by serving cheap beer down by the river and saving up for frequent trips somewhere else. D.C. held potential, it held glamour. It was my radiant, shining Oz at the end of the road that provided hearts, brains, courage, opportunity and home. So as I carried the last ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield July 8th 2009

We have such great friends! Sorry we missed those of you who weren't here. We picked the RV up-a little bigger than we expected. The one we were supposed to get was damaged when the last driver got a little too close to the gas pumps!! We leave Thursday AM.... read more
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North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield June 27th 2007

So I thought I should post a few pics of our soon to be gone home. Or rather, since the house is fairly normal and not that exciting, some pictures of our vacation last month with my husbands family. I am still desperately trying to talk my husband into traveling all the way to the Pacific coast this trip, so that it will be a true "Coast to Coast" vacation. The end of May was both me and my husbands birthday, his 30th and my 25th. His parents and his younger brother and brother's girlfriend all came out and visited for a week of sun, fun, ocean and monuments. To cap off the weekend and to celebrate the start of a new decade, I treated the family (and a few friends) to a private box ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Springfield June 25th 2007

In my first post I mentioned that preparation was part of the journey. It’s also a great way to not feel so overwhelmed and anxious about such huge life changes. Budgets, timelines, and maps don’t sound exciting compared to the vastness of the Grand Canyon or the majesty of Mount Rushmore, but in the very stressful time between deciding to pick up and leave everything familiar and actually setting off, it can ease the nervousness. Okay, in reality budgets, maps, and timelines aren’t EVER exciting, but they are a little bit like a security blanket. In fact, Excel spreadsheets are a bit like Prozac for me. When I am super stressed out or questioning the wisdom of this move, I turn to Excel. (Sorry hubby, but Excel never argues or talks back ) I have ... read more
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