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North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk May 28th 2019

Transitioning from my fourth to my fifth week in Virginia, I made the 50.5-mile drive from Newport News Regional Park Campground in Newport News VA to Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach VA. Yes, the drive was short but harrowing as I chose to use I-64 and negotiate the Hampton Roads Bridge–Tunnel. I say harrowing because this is the first tunnel the Bighorn has made with me behind the wheel. The Pilgrim and I had passed through several tunnels, but height was never a concern. Old-fashion arithmetic said I had a foot of clearance. All that having been said, that hole in the end of the tube looked pretty damn small as I approached, but I must say the eighteen-wheeler 200 yards in front of me boosted my confidence. While I was staying at Newport News and ... read more
A Small Collection of Antique Peanut Processing Equipment and Some Vintage Photographs of Peanut Farming Operations Is on Display
The Rope Tightener or the “Sleep Tight” Tool
The Art Makes This Organ Quite Unique

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk June 13th 2017

Tuesday 13th Went cattle class to Norfolk VA from Springfield VA on the Greyhound, as Amtrak cancelled my train The journey to cousins was a mission I tell you - I DO NOT recommend Greyhound - but I endured - it is an adventure after all . . Just not to be repeated any time soon or ever again! The service was overbooked so 2 coaches were needed. Over 1 and a half hours later the second one arrived whilst they hunted for another driver - who turned out not to exactly know his way. Anyway - upside was we got onto a cleaner coach with more space - some comfort then - and arrived seriously late The Greyhound staff at Richmond were quite rude - especially on the Info Desk ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk July 13th 2015

Well, the bikes are on their way to Montana with Fedex, and we are now packing up the apartment in Norfolk and moving out tomorrow. We'll fly out to Chicago on Thursday and then take a sleeper train across country to Whitefish, Montana, where we hope to be reunited with our bikes! All being well, and assuming we are able to reassemble the bikes so that they are roadworthy, we will start riding on Monday 20th...the countdown has begun! Thanks for following us...... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk April 29th 2015

We left Charleston April 17 with a fresh SW breeze. Having dodged a few racing fleets that view even large freighters as a nuisance and are sure they own the channels:) We made Beauford, NC in two days. Enjoyed a really nice town and the old beautifully restored waterfront. April 21 we quit the town and motored three hours with the wind on our nose to Cape Lookout bight where we anchored in total solitude and went ashore to see the old lighthouse, walk the wide dune-lined beaches, watch the birds and wild horses. Then with the right weather we braved rounding Cape Hatteras within 6 miles offshore. We made it in two days to Hampton Roads but the second night had some nasty weather for us. In spite of the forecast 12-15 knots we got ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk April 29th 2014

SAFELY TIED UP AT OUR NEW MARINA Jane and I finally spent our first night aboard the newly renamed M/V "No Particular Harbor". It was a rainy, stormy night, but we were snug and warm in the master stateroom. The gentle rocking in our slip felt familiar and quite comforting. There are still lots of boxes stacked in the salon, but we will find a place for everything eventually. If we don't, then we really must not need it! We hung some of our pictures and it is really starting to feel like home. I brought the boat down from Deale, MD last week with the help of two good friends- Capt. Frog and Bill. We had a great trip with fair weather and managed to get tucked into home port before the tornados and high ... read more
Captain Frog & Bill
No Particular Harbor
Main Salon

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk January 4th 2013

The weather is behaving and giving us a favourable window starting tonight. We will leave at midnight. The winds will be higher as we start out, but will diminish as the night goes on. If we are not too tired we will skip Beaufort and head for Wrightsville Beach because the winds and waves are still very calm right into Sunday. Plan for the moment is to arrive at Wrightsville Beach in Masonboro Inlet by 2 pm Sunday. We will monitor weather and our fatigue and make the decision along the way. We are now making final lists of things we need to get done before we tuck in for an early sleep this evening. We had tested the motor again yesterday and to our disappointment although it was better it was still overheating at high ... read more
christmas decor
christmas lights
New Years at the Tiki Bar

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk December 30th 2012

A small weather window opened up for Caribee to make her move around Cape Hatteras. We left Deltaville at midnight Friday morning in the moonlight. It was beautiful, but it was very very cold. The waters were confused and it was hard to nap between the cold and the rolling of the boat. Caribee handled very well, and so did the autopilot when we needed a break. As we approached the end of the Chesapeake we had to bring in our sail, the wind was in the wrong direction. When the motor had to work hard without the help of the sail it began to overheat at high revolution. We had not experienced this before and could not find any leaks or anything strange. This kept happening, and we had to reduce speed as the dawn ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk November 29th 2011

Effectivement, le 24 nov le soleil est au rendez-vous et continue jusqu’à aujourd’hui, mardi le 29 nov. Notre détour via Delaware Bay & Chesapeake Bay au lieu de la haute mer a ajouté 3 jours à notre voyage et les conditions n’étaient pas tellement meilleures mais ça fait partie de l’expérience. On a atteint le Port de Norfolk, Virginie dimanche et quel port, c’est immense et c’est la base navale américaine donc plein de toutes sortes de bateaux de guerre, vraiment impressionnant. Lundi matin, on était tout excité d’enfin emprunter le ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) qui nous amène jusqu’en Floride, alors on part à 7am traverse le grand port et à 10 hres on arrive au 2ième pont qui doit ouvrir pour constater qu’il est en réparation et qu’exceptionnellement, il n’ouvre pas entre 7am-6pm ce lundi et ... read more
Port de Norfolk
Port de Norfolk

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk April 16th 2011

Nous sommes toujours sur le chemin du retour et avons franchi une étape importante cette semaine. Nous avons (enfin !) complété notre trajet sur l’Intracoastal (ICW). Nous reste à décider si on refait la Cheasapeake Bay et la Delaware Bay ou si on fait le trajet par la mer. On a un fort penchant pour la mer mais dame nature nous complique un peu les choses. Mercredi le 6 avril : Malgré les forts vents des derniers 24 heures, la nuit fut très calme. Départ de Georgetown à 7h30 pour Little River (près du Inlet). Nous traversons la Wacamaw River qui est très large et très agréable à naviguer. Bordée de Cyprès (ces arbres qui poussent dans l’eau), on se croirait dans un endroit entre la jungle et le Mississipi. Nous traversons Myrtle Beach et nous ... read more
Levé de soleil sur la mer
Levé de soleil sur la mer
Nuages à l'horizon

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk November 19th 2009

Unless you have on-board internet connections, wifi is in short supply for cruising boaters We gather like honey bees at dockside hot spots. We're taking an early morning oppportunity to get our blog launched before casting off for the ICW. The trip so far has been 'busy' but the pace should ease up on this next leg. We will share some of the experiences of the earlier days later on. It's cloudy but fair in Norfolk. The day is in full swing for the towns folk. We're at the harbour, facing a massive Portsmouth drydock and boat-building facility. We used this time in a big city centre to shop for and install new house batteries. Our old ones were slow to recharge and we realized they were doing well for 7+ years old. The commuter ferry ... read more
Frank and the Mermaid
Waterside and Nauticus Centre, Norfolk
Marinas full of travellers heading south ASAP

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