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July 28th 2006
Published: July 28th 2006
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Lensbaby 1Lensbaby 1Lensbaby 1

Got myself a lensbaby...that's the camera lens- a "Lensbaby 2.0"
So after 900 miles of qualifying rides, months of preparation and years of dreaming, I finally received my acceptance package from the organizers of the Boston-Boston-Montreal 750-mile brevet, addressed to “Rider #40, Wes Cheney.”

Rider Number Forty.

I don’t think that an hour goes by without my mind straying to BMB. Easily a quarter of front of the refrigerator is now devoted to BMB; from a training chart to the elevation profile of the ride, a checklist for my dad following in the support RV, and a list of my checkpoint time goals.

Rider Number Forty.

It’s a nice, round number. Since it’s an even number, my wife Jenn likes it. I received a number card for my bike and helmet, as well as a set of stickers for my support vehicle, my parent’s new RV. “Support Vehicle, Rider #40, Cheney,” they read. My father and older brother will be driving ahead of me, meeting me at each control point with bottles of Gatorade, energy bars and fresh clothes.

I haven’t finished BMB yet. Heck, I haven’t even started it, yet. But I know that when I do cross the finish line in a month, I’ll be doing so with the help of my family and friends. Jennifer has patiently stayed at home with Abby, both in the womb and at her breast, while I headed to the hills on the weekends for qualifying brevets. My mother in law and our neighbor Debby have both watched Abby while I headed out for training rides. And now my dad will be driving support for me.

Back in high school I remember reading about BMB, fascinated that such an extreme event had taken place in my own backyard. I grew up riding the roads of Vermont, but back then a hundred miles was an all-day, once-a-summer event. Now, less than a month away from BMB, I’m planning on riding two centuries this weekend, just to keep myself conditioned.

So...I’m counting down the days & taking pictures of 4 month old Abby in the meantime, and dreaming about
Mallorca Brevet & Cycling Camp

...Become a super-randonneur in just one week! Only 900 miles in 7 days!

Yeah, maybe not...

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28th July 2006

Keep on inspiring
Somehow in the 13 months I've been overseas I've loosely followed your journey and it has been quite inspiring and humorous and well written. We're practically neighbors also (Im a MD/VA guy). Good luck on your ride and your baby is gorgeous!
9th August 2006

Word is you have Cycling Ink:)
First...I just read this entry.....uhm good luck with all those miles...you road dogs are a different breed..... that I love to watch.....but have no desire to race with:) I'm more of a dirty mate:) I'm here to ask of your cycling ink, I happen to be createing a collection of sorts and would be thankful for a shot of yours:) I was sent here by Liz Schleeper whom recently visited my collection. Take a look and let me know. http://cyclinglyfestyle.blogspot.com/ Peace

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