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February 8th 2007
Published: February 8th 2007
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Yesterday while out on our regular Wednesday night ride, Liz gave me a warning-

"Wes, you do not want to do the Shenandoah 100 on a singlespeed. Get yourself a bike with gears! Heck, we'll find you a bike with gears!!"

Carol was there to witness it. Fair enough, Liz, the gauntlet has been thrown.

Or should I say the bike glove?

There's something absurd about riding an off-road century, and there's something even more absurd about riding a singlespeed. It therefore borders on the idiotic to ride an off-road century on a singlespeed.

But then it was idiotic to even consider riding from Boston to Montreal and back in less than four days.

So what the heck?

Why not?

Oh, and Liz, you can collect your glove anytime...


until the Shenandoah 100!

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Gears?  We Don't Have No Stinkin' Gears...Gears?  We Don't Have No Stinkin' Gears...
Gears? We Don't Have No Stinkin' Gears...

We don't NEED no stinkin' gears!!!

8th February 2007

Hi Wes, those were definately my words but that is NOT my glove! I use only downhill ski gloves in this weather! I knew during that whole conversation what you will be doing come Labor Day wkend: riding Shen 100 on a single speed! But at least I have a witness.
9th February 2007

Ok, oh I get it. I love it that Shen 100 has become your latest goal. Gosh, the countdown clock and all!

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