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October 13th 2003
Published: October 13th 2003
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Tomorrow my journey starts. It’s been almost two years since I first thought of making this trip, and all the preparations have come to an end. My bags are packed, my route is planned and my bike is ready. I’m probably as ready for the trip myself as I can be, having ridden 700+ training miles this summer. I’ve been talking about the School of the Americas for almost four years now, and I’ve contacted Quakers all along my route, letting them know when I’ll be coming through town.

I’ve been promising my friends and family for months now that I would post my route, and I do so now with an open invitation to any and all to join me. If you find yourself thinking, gosh Wes, I can’t keep up with you, you’ve been biking way too much, well think again: I’ll be riding with a fully loaded touring bicycle, with a trailer in the back and front panniers on the front. I’m quite confident that anybody riding a beach cruiser could keep up with me while I’m riding with all of my racks, bags, tools and gear. I’ll be at a distinct disadvantage. If you’re interested in riding with me, just drop me an email.

Anyway, here’s my itinerary. I plan on arriving at my destination each day in the late afternoon.

10/13-Leesburg, Virginia to Fredericksburg, VA
10/14-Fredericksburg, VA to Charlottesville, VA. Speaking to the Charlottesville Friends Meeting at 7 PM.
10/15-Charlottesville to Trevilian, VA. Staying at the Little Flower Catholic Worker.
10/16-Trevilian to Richmond, VA.
10/17-Richmond to Williamsburg, VA.
10/18-Williamsburg to Norfolk, VA. Staying at home.
10/19-Rest Day.
10/20-Norfolk to Suffolk, VA.
10/21-Suffolk, VA to Woodland, North Carolina. Speaking to Cedar Grove Friends Meeting.
10/22-Woodland to Battleboro, NC.
10/23-Battleboro to Greenville, NC. Speaking to Greenville Friends Meeting.
10/24-Greenville to Goldsboro, NC. Speaking to Hood Swamp Friends Meeting.
10/25-Goldsboro to Clinton, NC.
10/26-Rest Day.
10/27-Clinton to Wilmington, NC. Fellowship with Wilmington Friends Meeting.
10/28-Wilmington to Whiteville, NC.
10/29-Whiteville to Fayeteville, NC. Speaking to Fayetteville Friends Meeting.
10/30-Fayetteville to Raleigh, NC. Speaking to Raleigh Friends Meeting.
10/31-Raleigh to Durham, NC. Speaking to Durham Friends Meeting.
11/1-Durham to Chapel Hill, NC.
11/2-Rest Day. Speaking to Chapel Hill Friends Meeting.
11/3-Chapel Hill to Snow Camp, NC. Speaking to West Grove Friends Meeting.
11/4-Snow Camp to Greensboro, NC. Speaking at Guilford College.
11/5-Greensboro to Davidson, NC. Speaking to Davidson Friends Meeting.
11/6-Davidson to Charlotte, NC. Speaking to Charlotte Friends Meeting.
11/7-Charlotte to Hickory, NC. Speaking to Hickory Friends Meeting.
11/8-Hickory to Black Mountain, NC. Speaking to Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting.
11/9-Rest Day.
11/10-Black Mountain to Asheville, NC.
11/11-Asheville to Brevard, NC. Speaking to Brevard Friends Meeting.
11/12-Brevard, NC to Greenville, South Carolina. Speaking to Greenville Friends Meeting.
11/13-Greenville to Columbia, SC.
11/14-Columbia, SC to Augusta, Georgia.
11/15-Augusta to Athens, GA.
11/16-Rest Day.
11/17-Athens to Decatur, GA. Speaking to Atlanta Friends Meeting.
11/18-Decatur to Newnan, GA.
11/19-Newnan to La Grange, GA.
11/20-La Grange to Columbus, GA.
11/21-Rest Day.
11/22 & 11/23-Vigil at Fort Benning.
11/24-Return to Norfolk.

That’s All, Folks!


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