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North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown April 1st 2020

JAMESTOWN COLONY A hundred years had passed since Spain began to colonize North America. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, The Virgin Queen, Sir Walter Raleigh attempted to establish an English colony called Roanoke in North Carolina. It was protected from the sea behind a string of barrier islands, and was intended to be a base for piracy against Spanish shipping. The colony soon perished through starvation, disease, and massacre by natives. A few may have survived as captives taken inland. Twenty years more had passed before a second attempt at colonization was attempted during the reign of King James. It was organized by a group of private investors calling themselves the Virginia Company and set sail from London in late December of 1606 aboard 3 ships commanded by Captain Newport. At the time the ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown October 12th 2018

The original plan had been to see Roanoke in the morning and Kill Devil Hills in the afternoon. The new plan was to see Kill Devil Hills in the morning and Jamestown in the afternoon. We made sure to be at Kill Devil Hills as soon as the park opened. I didn’t know if Zaya would be really interested at first, but this stop was for me. I LOVE flying. We went up to the memorial, getting some great exercise walking from the Visitor’s center to the top of the hill. When I was here before some restoration was going on so there wasn’t a clear view of the monument. Now that preparations are underway for the grand opening of the new Visitor’s center on the 20th everything was sparkling clean. We made it back down ... read more
A clear view of the monument
Miss. Jr. Ranger
With Pocahontas

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown August 6th 2011

After a breakfast of leftover blueberry pie and homemmade ice cream (om nom nom) I gave the dog Polly a well-needed groom. She's a rough coated collie and has soooo much fur, which is started to get matted. Despite the air-con she spends all day panting, so I took pity and managed to remove an impressive amount of fluff. We then all piled in the car (Polly stayed in the house - she doesn't go outside in summer) with a picnic and headed along colonial parkway, which is a long road along the coat built by one of the New Deal alphabet agencies, the WPA, after the depression (this excited me greatly as we did it in GCSE History). We reached our destination of Jamestown(e) Island (they put 'e' on the end of everything to sound ... read more
The James River
The ferry over to Surrey

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown March 16th 2011

Colonial Virginia – Day 1 After our NC colonial history lesson in Edenton, we headed to colonial Virginia. Sophia took up residence at the Williamsburg KOA – one of best visited ever and we headed to Jamestown Settlement. Historic Jamestowne is managed by the National Park Service with the efforts to restore the settlement to it original form not by recreation, but rather by archeological digs to uncover building foundations and unearthing artifacts of the 1607 settlement. As with Edenton, this was the first settlement in Virginia and after the initial fort was built, it became an active seaport, agricultural community (tobacco), and business center. Jamestown was located up the James river as a security measure in case wandering Spanish ships explored or invaded the area. The original fort walls have been erected to help create ... read more
Inside the Fort

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown February 3rd 2009

While in Williamsburg, I took a day trip to Jamestown. Jamestown is the first permanent English settlement in the United States. While there, you have two options to check things out. The first is Historic Jamestown. This is run by the National Park Service and they charge you a maintenance fee to enter. The excavations of the original fort are going on there and they have exhibits and other things to see. The next one is Jamestown Settlement. I opted to go here. It's a museum and there's a fee included. During the winter, they have guided tours that leave once every hour, on the hour, that take you outside. Outside, they have a replica of a Powhatan village. The Powhatans are the native Indians of that area. Pocahontas was a Powhatan. There's also a replica ... read more
Powhatan Village

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown October 20th 2008

As I’ve mentioned (repeatedly), I grew up in Florida. And if you’ve ever been to Florida and trekked through the many wild forests or walked a wooden pathway over swampland or taken a boat through the Everglades, you’re likely to have noticed a threatening bane of the tropics: bugs. Big bugs, bugs that bite, bugs that jump, bugs that you can’t even see. I hate bugs. And so as we are exploring Historic Jamestowne, far away from the tropics, we encounter - ick! - more bugs. Just outside the Memorial Church, brazenly perched upon the top of a stone wall is this horribly huge… bug. I think, from later research, that it is a leaf-footed bug, which fits into the category of True Bug - really: True Bug. It should be Huge and Scary Bug. So ... read more
What the Heck is That?!?
Historic Jamestown

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown August 19th 2008

Jamestown The beauty of starting here, then going to Williamsburg and then to Yorktown is that you can see American history in a quick succession and be completely immersed in it. Located on the west side of the Peninsula on the James River, the settlement is located on Jamestown Island because it was not inhabited by natives and it provided isolation from same, plus it was far up enough along the river that it would not be visible to any passing Spanish ships. The trouble was the island was not inhabited because it lacked water while the river water surrounding it is brackish, creating a great opportunity for the disease that followed. The settlement was funded by private English investors from London seeking to capitalize on the alleged riches of the new world as apparently accomplished ... read more
Black Point looking South
James River from Jamestown

North America » United States » Virginia » Jamestown September 25th 2005

Sep 25, 2005 *City official name :Jamestown *Founded date : *Location :Virginia State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :Jamestown, or Jamestown Island, was founded in 1607 on the James River in what is currently James City County, Virginia, about 40 miles (62 kilometers) inland from the Atlantic Ocean and the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay and about 45 miles (70 kilometers) downstream and southeast of Richmond, Virginia. Both the James River and the old settlement were named for King James I of England, who granted the private proprietorship to the competing Virginia Companies of London and Plymouth. The Virginia Company of London's enterprise, the Virginia Colony, which was first established at Jamestown... read more

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