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North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg March 30th 2019

Well, of course, everything was very well organized for our departure from the hotel (6 a.m.) and delivery to the airport. The line to check our luggage was a good half-hour (but nothing compared to the Passport line at Dulles). Passport check was quick and easy as was Security until they caught Susan's arsenal on the x-ray. This bag of knitting equipment has been on any number of domestic and international flight (it had to get to Panama somehow) but these agents were extra careful. I think the woman was trying to tell me that I could go and talk to someone at the customer service desk (and maybe they would have found a way to get the items home) but I didn't want to risk another 30+ minute wait. So, they kept it all. Nothing ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg July 14th 2017

Today we get to ride a train. Not just any train, but an actual steam locomotive! I've always loved trains, ever since I was a child, and today we are visiting the Cass Scenic Railroad in Cass, WV. The train doesn't leave until 11:45, and it's about 2 hours away, so we didn't have any reason to rush this morning. It rained last night, and there was a forecast of rain later in the afternoon, so Jody and I decided to wear our rainsuits this morning, just in case. So after a quick breakfast in the hotel, we loaded up the bike and headed back across the mountains. We started our journey by heading back on US-33E which was such a great motorcycle ride yesterday. The roads were still a little wet from last night's rain, ... read more
Cass Scenic Railway - Cass Company Store
Cass Scenic Railway - Shay Engine Arrives
Cass Scenic Railway - Shay Engine

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg June 22nd 2017

Got up with plenty of time. Went to The Buttery for a nice leisurely breakfast. Since it was a Thursday (not Saturday and end of exams, like last week), there were a number of conference-attendees there, very different crowd. Bus to airport, no problem (sounding like pros with the Dublin transport?--NO!). Picked up luggage. Then the fun began. The 'automated' check in stations were interesting, as they had been on our way to IOM. The first one we chose had a broken printer, I was told part way through. Moved to another. Somehow, we got our passports scanned, boarding passes printed, and luggage weighed and tags printed and (thanks, Mike) attached correctly. Then, you put them on the conveyor belt that weighs them again (so, no sneaking more skeins of yarn in at the last minute) ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg October 13th 2012

The college class reunion. We met for lunch in North Lawn. Then we gathered around Jim's car. He always has the license plate with our class year on it. Time to reconnect with friends from many years ago.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg September 12th 2012

Finally got the go-ahead from the floor people to begin--it's driied out enough. Mike got it all cleaned up, all the furniture moved out of the living room. They showed up bright and early and got to it. Should finish tomorrow.... read more
Dining room couch
Living room empty!
Other half of the living room

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg September 4th 2012

Well, we had decided to do something about the sorry condition of the living room carpet. We decided on wood flooring. We went to Lowe's and picked it out, signed up for them to do the labor--moving the furniture around the house, tearing up and disposing of the carpet, etc. Took forever for them to get enough of the flooring (standard stuff, not a special order) from the warehouse to the store to our house. Finally got that delivered. Made an appointment for the installers to come. However, when they did, they measured the 'moisture level' and declared it to be too high for them to be able to lay the flooring. Seems the combination of dog 'accidents' and over-shampooing to make up for it (we thought) caused the flooring to be wet. SO, Mike ended ... read more
You know Mike
front door area
where the furniture went

can be found here: beginning to pack this weekend--had to get the girls to bring a bag up from SC--they were mostly still there from the move last fall! got my lists, been listening to Mandarin so I'll at least have some familiarity with the sounds and be able to say please and thank you! got some yuan, notified the cards where I'll be when, copied the contact info and put it on the bulletin board. Oh, also started a project list for Mike for while I'm gone!... read more

oh, I thought, let me sign in and see what's up--and they changed the entire interface!!! so, i'll try it for a couple days and get used to it. ... i hope. maybe it'll be better which I'm sure is what they're going for. On the China trip front, got some yuan for the first day or so, have been listening to Mandarin if for no other reason than to get used to the sound, have made a list of clothes, decided to stick with my Tevas and black tennis shoes that are tried and true. heh, big decisions, here!! go to the dr next week and will get a couple prescriptions that i hope i won't need. do need to get a little flashlight since i've been using my phone the past couple years and ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg April 7th 2011

4/6/11--found that the NetBook has "Word Starter" on it. So, I can use whatever this is to draft my blog postings, then when I can get on, post them. I’ll try saving, etc., and see how this works. I did check and folks have posted on this blog site from within China so that part should work. i know several search engines and Facebook and other blog sites are blocked. Then, I have to check the China hotels and see which have wireless. THEN I really have to get used to the keyboard, especially to figure out how/why it jumps to the top, previous sentence, etc. Just found out today that Drew got the VCCS grant!!! That’s fantastic, will help her pay for the trip (maybe) and will support the upgrade of the nursing program with ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Harrisonburg November 14th 2008

We did some cleaning and organizing in the morning. Then we went to town. The truck wasn't ready, so we went to an Antique Mall to look around. The State Farm agent called while we were there and said the papers were being faxed from Nevada. We found her office right away. She was so friendly and helpful. We signed all the paperwork, took the check and went back to the dealership. The truck still wasn't ready. Everybody at the dealership loved Daisy and wanted to see her each time we back (again). We went to lunch at McAllister's. It was so tasty! We liked the sign that said something to the effect of "Tipping is not necessary. We pay our employees well to do a good job. If you leave a tip, it will be ... read more

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