A little catch-up, in case you cared.

Published: June 27th 2017
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The last month has been a busy one. I started on a new health journey and so far so good, going after my goals one day at a time.

Since Baltimore I have stayed local over the last few weeks, I helped my boyfriend and his roommate move houses, watched so many movies at the cinema that I feel like I am a local over there and went out of town as Eduardo decided to move an hour away from me.

I experienced my first Super Bowl with my host family and they go as crazy food and drinks wise as the South Africans do for the rugby. I have also made new friends with German girls and I get to spend time with them in the week which is nice. The weather was great over the last few week so we spent a lot of time outdoors or at the waterfront in Alexandria. I cannot wait for warmer weather as I haven't had summer since last year February.

Eduardo lives in a town called Stafford which is pretty cool, definitely not the city which is nice when you're tired of the hustle and there are lots of wineries in that area which I plan on visting when it gets warmer. We have also been a place called Fredericksburg, which is a cool little historic town in Virginia with lots of breweries and pubs for some Saturday shenanigans. I also went to a festival in DC called the Shamrock Fest, it was pretty fun although it was only 1 degree Celsius.

Yesterday, March 14th, was a snow day for the boys and the first snow day I've ever experienced. It was awesome, got my workout from shovelling snow (it is a lot more intense than it sounds,I woke up with sore muscles today) and I made my first snowman ever. Driving in those conditions make me nervous but I survived today rushing both boys to school. I have been having so much fun with the boys over the last few weeks, J and I both share a wicked sense of humor so we keep each other entertained plus I have been going to his school a lot more than I did in the beginning and we have some great bonding time on the way home. B has been so loving and warms my heart every day, I get cuddles and kisses all the time and get told that he loves me. It is sometimes so nice to be able to act like a kid again after having to put my big girl pants on for the rest of the world. Can't believe I have been here for 4.5 months already, time really does fly.

All my love to everyone.
Claudi the unicorn princess xxx


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