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North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles January 3rd 2019

January 3-4, 2019 I am currently sitting at a bench across from "Korean Air" at Washington Dulles International Airport. The trip my team and I have been prepping for for months is finally here! The excitement is starting to set in, although the nerves and anxiety associated with the long day of travel are ever-so-present as well. Fun fact: I am scared of flying. Now... one may ask why I thought it was a good idea to spend 20+ hours in a plane and fly halfway across the world-- well I'll tell you. Escaping Your Comfort Zone As much as I fear being suspended thousands of feet above the ground in an airplane traveling over 500 mph, I've realized that the most growth in my life has taken place outside of my comfort zone. It is ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles August 22nd 2016

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647We were on time and, once again, were very thankful to have our Global Entry memberships, as the lines for immigration were the longest I have ever seen. We arrived right at 3:00pm, in the midst of all the international arrivals from Europe. We were through in a breeze and, as usual, had to wait for the bags. The Customs line was just as bad, but again we were able to bypass it, and in under 30 minutes after landing we were in a cab on our way home.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles August 13th 2016

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647When booking our tickets on SAS, I learned that they have a unique system whereby you can "bid" for an upgrade to Business Class or their Premium Economy product, which is called "SAS Plus." You have the option of stating how much you would pay for an upgrade, and 36 hours before departure they'll tell you if your offer is accepted. I low-balled a bid for SAS Plus and was pleased when we received word the day earlier that it had been accepted. This would mean more legroom and a bigger seat for the overnight flight.The lines in security were very long and, as we were flying a foreign airline, we could not use TSA PreCheck. Still, we cleared in plenty of time to spend an hour or so in the Lufthansa lounge before ... read more
A Little Hot Outside

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles March 27th 2016

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647When I originally booked our award tickets for this trip, there were multiple connection options for our return leg, to include Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, and Frankfurt. I'd selected Brussels for the overall time savings, not to mention its easy connections. I purposely avoided Frankfurt, as connections there can be so cumbersome. For our rerouted return, beggars could not be choosers, and I was happy to have seats at all. Our connection now stretched to nearly 4 hours, which we would need, as the distances within the Frankfurt airport can be extreme, and then you have to factor in the second full security screening, which was understandably extra thorough in light of the still-recent Brussels attacks. We passed the time shopping and reading, and then ultimately dealing with the masses at the gate. As ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles March 16th 2016

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647The particular tour we booked was nine nights, and was to commence in the city of Opatija, on the coast of Croatia. Had we booked flights through the tour company, we would have commenced at the airport in Venice, Italy, from where they transported people by bus over to Opatija. This didn't seem the most convenient routing, and as we were using award miles to book our tickets, I got out a map of the area and looked at other options, in terms of airports more convenient for Opatija. The best option turned out to be Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The best flight routing to get there involved a change of planes in Vienna. Upon seeing that, we decided to break up our trip and spend a day in Vienna before continuing on ... read more
Our friend Barbara was...

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles July 14th 2015

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647In very unexpected fashion, our flight was less than half full. I cannot remember the last time I was on a flight, let alone an international one, when there were near any empty seats. The load factor, however, did ultimately explain why I was able to snag the Business Class seats at the reduced mileage threshold. All of the seats around us were empty, and with so few people, we ended up spending a lot time chatting with one of the flight attendants. As soon as we finished the extended lunch service, I helped Katherine set her seat up into a lie-flat bed. I literally tucked her in and she was asleep almost immediately, waking up a couple of hours before we landed at Dulles. I watched a few movies, slept a little myself, ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles July 2nd 2015

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647Anna was away for the last two weeks of June, which coincided with K's busiest time at work. It was great that she was having such a great experience, but it also allowed K and I to concentrate on our work and to get everything ready for the trip. We met my parents the weekend before we left, as they had agreed to watch Chip for us while we were gone. We always refer to his trips down there as his "summer camp." I know he has a good time.We both had holiday-shortened days on Thursday the 2nd, and K was working from home, which worked out well. I had ordered a taxi the night before to take us to the airport, and we were all set and ready at the appointed time, but ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles August 31st 2014

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647Once we cleared customs and immigration and entered the departures area of the airport, we saw a section we'd completely missed upon arrival. The airport had the largest and highest-end airport shopping I've seen anywhere outside of Dubai. The stores stretched across three terminals and ran the gamut from kitschy souvenirs to Hermes to Austin Martin cars. My only explanation might be the extraordinarily high taxes in Denmark, which might make duty-free shopping lucrative. Whatever the case, the airport offered plenty of opportunities to fill the few hours before our 12:20pm flight back to Dulles.The rain became consistently stronger as departure-time approached, and there were even passing thunder storms. While we boarded on time, we were soon advised by the pilot of a "technical issue," which though resolved within 20 minutes, meant that ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles August 22nd 2014

Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647Our flight from Dulles left at 5:15pm, which allowed K and I to work most of the day. Anna had cheerleading practice in the morning, which helped make up for some of the sessions -- as well as the first game of the season -- which she'd miss while we were away. We feared large crowds at the airport given that it was a Friday in the summer, during the peak of the international departures window, but things went smoothly and we even ended up in the TSA pre-check line somehow, which really sped things along, allowing us plenty of time to wait at the gate among a distinctly blonde/blue-eyed crowd of passengers.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Dulles May 1st 2014

DAY 1: AKL-PPT-LAX-IAD: Air Tahiti Nui / American Airlines After nearly 7 months of meticulous non-stop planning, the day of departure is finally here... The anticipation is so exciting, but it is mixed with feelings of anxiousness about leaving the kids behind to fend for themselves and them missing out on what will be the MOST amazing trip. Oh well, they can do all this themselves when they grow up... Jan from across the road picks us up to drive us to Auckland and we arrived in plenty of time - a good start. Our flight to LA via Papeete left early afternoon on time and despite my expectations of Air Tahiti Nui not being very high (their reviews were pretty mixed, with plenty of comments about their uncomfortable seats and unfriendly staff), I thought the ... read more
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