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March 16th 2016
Published: June 12th 2017
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Geo: 39.0095, -77.4647

The particular tour we booked was nine nights, and was to commence in the city of Opatija, on the coast of Croatia. Had we booked flights through the tour company, we would have commenced at the airport in Venice, Italy, from where they transported people by bus over to Opatija. This didn't seem the most convenient routing, and as we were using award miles to book our tickets, I got out a map of the area and looked at other options, in terms of airports more convenient for Opatija. The best option turned out to be Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The best flight routing to get there involved a change of planes in Vienna. Upon seeing that, we decided to break up our trip and spend a day in Vienna before continuing on to Ljubljana. This meant we had to take another day of vacation, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit Vienna again, more than 12 years since we left.

We were covering a lot of territory on this trip, to include our time in Vienna and visits to both the coast and the mountains, so packing was a bit of a challenge. The forecast was
Our friend Barbara was...Our friend Barbara was...Our friend Barbara was...

...returning from an overseas trip as we departed, and she taxi'd right behind us.
for cool weather, but in hindsight, I'm not sure we all brought enough warm clothing. Nonetheless, we were packed and ready to go. As the States reverts to Daylight Savings Time earlier than Europe, our Austrian Airlines flight to Vienna did not depart until 7:00pm (as opposed to the regular 6:00pm departure) on Wednesday night, which meant that we all could go to work and school, and then make it to the airport in time for a flight.

The airport was very busy, given the time of day, but we did make it through the security gauntlet with enough time to wait in the lounge and get a drink and some food before the flight. Everything was on time and, though the flight was full, we were reasonably comfortable. We had quite a bit of turbulence during the first few hours of the flight, all of which was associated with some "unprecedented" (according to the captain) headwinds, which meant that our flight was nearly an hour and half longer than usual. We made the best of it and tried to get a little more sleep, as we planned to hit the ground running in Vienna.


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