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September 1st 2007
Published: October 22nd 2017
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The best part of the tripThe best part of the tripThe best part of the trip

I really wish I had had the chance to capture the reunion. Those little faces just glowed with excitement and joy. This was taken a few minutes later when Mike was wheeling Alex toward the exit.
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I just wanted to post an official close to the odyssey. The flight was long (9 hours) from Munich to Dulles, but relatively comfortable and there was a joyous reunion with Dad and Nanny at the airport. The Customs Guy asked Josh how many Cuban cigars he brought back and he responded, "I don't know." Luckily, the agent didn't hold it against him and we skated on through.

I couldn't have been more pleased with how the summer went. Our trip met or exceeded all my hopes and expectations for exploration, new experiences and making friends. Both the country and the people were wonderful. If it hasn't been clear from our blogs, we never felt unsafe and never had any problems with foodborne illness that were any more than what I would expect in a typical summer at home. I heartily recommend Turkey as a travel destination for anyone with or without children. I also have to commend my co-travelers for rising to the challenge of living abroad and making the most of their time there. They are great kids and fun to spend time with. In addition to broadening their experiences individually, I imagine it also brought them closer
Back in the USABack in the USABack in the USA

Nanny brought balloons for our welcome home and Josh's birhday. Traveling for 19 hours isn't a great way to spend a birthday, but we'll make it up to him. Seeing Dad was a great treat, anyway.
together--goodness knows we invested the time together.

Everyone is back on schedule and back in school (including me) and looking forward to another great year. Thanks for taking the time to share some of our experiences with us!

PS- I just uploaded photos for the last 3 entries and that's that.


26th January 2008

I just finished reading your blogs on your trip to Turkey and found it very interesting and pleasing that you found Turkey both fun and enjoyable. I have lived and worked in Turkey off and on since 1982 and when I would run into a fellow
American was always very happy. You don't often see them except in Istanbul. I'm sure that your travel experiences to Turkey will last you a life time. Thanks for sharing your travel in Turkey.

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