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North America » United States » Virginia » Daleville October 4th 2008

Another magnificent dawn greeted us rising this morning.The morning temps are definitely fall like but the day promises 80deg and the week ahead looks fine also. We decided we should take a look at the town of Staunton so drove the couple of miles into the town.The town is sited in a narrow ,small valley with narrow roads which havent been changed since the town was founded back in the late 1700's so the roads not really made for two way car travel.The town was the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson and his library is located here.We were amazed by the number of churches in the town.They seemed to be on every corner we turned. Then it was on the road back to the mountains with a stop at Dollar Tree near Waynesboro.This store has done ... read more
Xmas trees being groomed for sale
On the trail at Otter Lake

North America » United States » Virginia » Daleville May 15th 2007

Out of town again. Try as we might, our packs get heavy every time we come to town and they always put the town at the bottom of a mountain. Hit the trail at 8:30AM. Waiting to cross US220 cars streamed by as their occupants headed to work. Some looked at us in wonder and I looked back feeling sorry for them. I tried to imagine what the were thinking. I mean it isn't like during the Depression where you would see Hobos, Tramps and Bums traveling to and fro. We didn't have out a sign saying we were homeless and needed help. Just to older folks with big packs on our backs walking some where. The trail is now west of I-81 and not paralleling the Blue Ridge Parkawy. Tinker Mountain raises up to ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Daleville May 14th 2007

Change. Today started off with a trip up the road to "P.Zaz", the local salon. CC had decided to take our youngest daughter, Joline's advice. Whack most of her hair OFF! We have been married almost 31 years, during which CC's hair has never been less than shoulder length. It has been as long as below her bottom. When we walked through the door she anounced she wanted a radical cut which raised all three hairdressers eyebrows. CC explained what she wanted and why, then said that I was also to take a seat for some hair work. We had brought the camera to record the event with before, during and after shots. Of course CC's transformation was the greater, we both walked out looking real good. CC's face fit the short cut quite well. ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Daleville May 13th 2007

Last night we had quite the crew loggered up around the Wilson Creek Shelter. After CC and I retired to the relative privacy of our orange home, TinTin and the crew were still going strong. They had hauled five pounds of hotdogs and all the fixins, plus everything they needed for Smores up from town. While roasting chow 'round the campfire they listened to Winny Pooh being read aloud. Between the crew of four they carry only the one book and take turns reading aloud to each other at night. Not sure when they called it a night, but when we got up at 6:30AM they were all still sleeping. Old Fat Dad and Tenderfeets hit the trail about an hour before CC and I. All gear was stowed and we were hoofing towards town ... read more

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