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October 4th 2008
Published: October 5th 2008
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Staunton to Daleville,VA

Another magnificent dawn greeted us rising this morning.The morning temps are definitely fall like but the day promises 80deg and the week ahead looks fine also.
We decided we should take a look at the town of Staunton so drove the couple of miles into the town.The town is sited in a narrow ,small valley with narrow roads which havent been changed since the town was founded back in the late 1700's so the roads not really made for two way car travel.The town was the birthplace of President Woodrow Wilson and his library is located here.We were amazed by the number of churches in the town.They seemed to be on every corner we turned.
Then it was on the road back to the mountains with a stop at Dollar Tree near Waynesboro.This store has done well out of us although we must say that their bargains are good for us too.We purchase our water here for $1 gallon and they always have Little Debbies for $1 and every store seems to have a new variety to choose!!They also have OJ for $1 making big savings on shopping for these items alone at WalMart.There were yard sales everywhere on the road we took including one where the people looked like they were clearing their house.....surely the economy can't be that bad yet??!!
After yesterdays attempt at the rock scramble and being beaten back we decided for less strenous walks today.
The Blue Ridge is a little different to the Skyway which we rode for the last two days.Although the roads are joined the speed limit goes up to 45mph and the road is bit straighter making travel a bit more consistant.No commercial vehicles are allowed so no worries of encountering a semi on this road.In fact it was only cars and motor bikes and a few cyclists that we encountered all day.
The first walk was a really tame one compared to the rock scramble as we strolled around an old logging site with a part of the railway still in place.
At a ranger station took the opportunity to look at a recreated site of cabins that would have been part of the Blue Ridge before it became a park.There were a couple there dressed in period clothes who you could talk to and they had a garden which they were harvesting.Makes it all more authentic than just looking at something static.
With the later start on the road it was soon lunch which we had on the roadside just past Otter Creek and then it was onto the lake of the same name and a walk thru the forest around the lake.As we were entering the trail we spotted this guy in camaflage fihing around in the trunk of his car.He emerged as we got closer with a crossbow and quiver of arrows!!!! We almost froze as you read about these things....but not in a National Park.I was going to ask him what he was up to but decided to hit the trail instead.
We got onto the trail and I was shooting some video of the lake and making comment of "William Tell"and all of a sudden he was moving past me on the trail !!! I dont think he heard my commentary and he was off the trail into the woods after some poor deer!We had visions of how he was going to get the animal out of the woods and carry his crossbow and arrows.
So that brought some perspect into the fact that this is a National Park where hunting is permitted,although not with guns,and changed our view a bit from the peaceful surroundings to an outdoor life with hunting included.
Our last walk of the day was to view Fallingwater Cascades and as in the previous waterfall we viewed this one was all downhill to get to the viewpoint.Someone had lugged in huge railway like sleepers to make steps which made the trail easier in parts where they were.
The waterfall was a bit of a piddle rather than a cascade but then again we think the rainfall in this area hasnt been that great of recent months.
It was getting late in the day so headed off the Blue Ridge and headed for Daleville and a stay overnight at Hojo.
We were the first in for the day and the front desk man advised that there were 10 restaurants in the immediate area so we opted for Pizza Hut.The large size was so big that we couldnt finish it between us so we have something to add for lunch on the road tomorrow to our usual sandwiches.Had a feast of TV movies tonight with Pretty Woman and Chicago to watch......oh what it is to be on holiday !!!


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