Charlottesville and Washington DC

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What a great experience to work in Virginia in Midlothian exactly.

I got to know my colleagues much better, my office was just great. I had never had an office just for myself and a complete view on the woods with thousands of birds with all colors. My favorite one is the Cardinal, what a wonderful red, it's stunning !

Each week end Jon and I travelled through the country side and this part of the US is just wonderful. Probably so far, my favorite !

I loved the dynamic of the nature, the views and the rolling hills are my favorite, the reason why I love Switzerland !

Our favorite city is Charlottesville, there is a real core of the city, with a pedestrian path with tiny privately owned boutiques. There they like organic cooties and food and the people are so open and international. That was surprising.

We met a young man with a special instrument, looked like a space shuttle, it was a steal band percussion and he played admirably well! I bought his CD. He had been to Bern during 2 years and we spoke German and even some few Swiss German words, here and there ! It was really nice !

We also had our favorite coffee lounge with delicious latte macchiato !

One day we even found a family owned winery who had lived in Munich Germany and they do they own wine ! We tried ome of them, well not the best , weird tastes. But that was a memorable experience !
We bought 4 bottles of white wine and I offered to my 2 lovely colleagues.

I also had the occasion to travel by Amtrak to Washington DC for one to work with one colleague of mine! First let me tell you that even in the first class of the Amtrak, I felt like being in a livestock transportation mean ! Awful train and the worst is when you go downstair in Washington DC main station on the track to enter it: the stairs are super narrow, it's dark, it made me think about the dark little streets of London in 1900, where people were behind the corners of each block killing and robbing with knifes. Really uncomfortable feeling ! When I entered the first class car, there was no light and I was alone, and I thought, ouch, is that safe in here?
Where is our TGV ?

Anyway I loved walking down to Pennsylvania avenue through the Capitol and then to the White House ! OUr company building is just next door to the HQ of the FBI and the national state museum (In there there is the official document of the creation of the United States of America !

In fact I was happy to go back to Richmond/Midlothian, I prefer smaller towns now.

We change in life and for good :-)

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24th April 2011

bonjour as te voilà américaine ? tu as fui l'europr ? bises
24th April 2011

Very nice blog
It is nice reading a blog about the United States. It sounds like your experience has been pleasant. Charlottesville is a wonderful town. You've taken some wonderful photos and I laughed at your accurate description of the train experience. Happy Travels
1st May 2011

Hi dear! What great photos!
Thanks so much for your news. I'm really glad to hear you are enjoying your time in the US. Your office is wonderful and what great views! And those cakes, yummy! Love to know what's happening in your life now. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Celine :-)

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