Estates of Our Forefathers

Published: February 22nd 2010
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In the late summer of 2008, my parents and I took a vacation down to Virginia to visit Thomas Jefferson's, Monticello, and George Washington's, Mount Vernon. Both Monticello and Mount Vernon are national symbols of our historic nation and embody the spirit of freedom and liberty.
Our first endeavor was visiting Monticello located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Monticello is famous for its design on the 5ยข nickel. This is, by far, one of most famous residential pieces of architecture in the world. Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States, wanted to construct a masterful residence that was built to his liking. The floral gardens surrounding the main mansion were exquisitely laid out, an important component to Jefferson's work of art. This part of Virginia is very hilly and the roads leading up to Monticello ascend through twists and turns. This was a real treat to see in person. Not simply beacuse it was the home of a prominent president, but because it is an example of the American spirit present during the Revolution.
To our surprise, we found out that James Monroe's residence was only a couple miles from Monticello so we decided to give it a visit. Monroe's home was not nearly comparable to Jefferson's, however, it was still very interesting to see. The land on which Monroe built his home is surrounded by miles of grassy fields. It was definitely a superior place to build a house. This residence also exhibited the style of the time it was built. There were many furnishings of which belonged to Monroe himself.
In addition, James Madison's home was not very far from Charlottesville also. Madison's home is named Montpelier. It just so happens that extensive renovations were being done to his home. Construction crews were summoned to completely repair and renovate Madison's home in order to preserve it for future generations to see. Again, this was a very cool place to visit; in the distance, the Blue Ridge Mountains dotted the horizon.
Finally, after a day and night in Charlottesville, we headed back towards D.C. to Alexandria, VA. This is the location of George Washington's own masterpiece, Mount Vernon. This was a lot more extensive than the previous three; Washington owned several acres of land in which he used for agricultural purposes. His main house sits majestically on a hill overlooking the Potomac River. Mount Vernon is yet another national symbol that has long had a reputation as being the residence of one of the greatest men in American history.
This was a very interesting and enjoyable trip; we, unknowingly, got to see four president's houses. Four in two days! It was a good chance for my parents and I to get away and have a good time together. We each love history and to be able to visit each residence was incredible.

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