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North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria June 11th 2017

Sunday 11th June A leisurely start to the day - late light breakfast as we are due for lunch in Georgian old Alexandria on the Potomac riverside My hostess Rene - and husband Bill took me down to Old Town Alexandria VA Lunch is in an old warehouse dockside - at Chadwicks on Strand Street. I went healthy - honest Carol! Had Kale & Roasted Beet - Crumbled feta, dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, lemon vinaigrette and salmon - see picOur waitress is not long back from living in the UK, turns out to be of Irish descent (snap Rene) - and looking for a job to do with international border security (or something like that, I'm a virgin on this one!) maybe in the intelligence community. Lucky for her Bill is ex C*A and able ... read more
Old Town Alexandria, VA
Old Town Alexandria, VA

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria June 10th 2017

Green Spring Gardens So I'm going to keep this one brief - follow the URL links if you so wish First order of the day - was a short drive and a quite walk through the Green Spring Gardens in Fairfax County Taking in the old residence at the front and the Visitors Centre and Gallery at the back That evening we drove to The Birchmere - Performance art theatre in Alexandria, Virginia to have dinner and watch a performance of The Mike Seeger Commemorative Old Time Banjo Festival featuring Tony Trischka, Kaia Kater, Michael Miles, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Kaia being the young player of the future I would think I'll listen to anything at least once! Before the performance a woman next to us str... read more
Green Spring Gardens
Green Spring Gardens

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria November 6th 2016

Geo: 38.8046, -77.0431... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria October 16th 2012

When we travel it seems there is always so much to do, so much to remember and so many things that can go wrong especially for a sometimes absent minded person. Tuesday afternoon I sat down at last to organize my passport and travel paperwork. What a shock when I reached in my small pouch I use to carry my passport. There was NO PASSPORT! The flight was less than 48 hours. Of course, immediately the mind starts running in circles—Where?? When?? What?? The first idea that popped in head was that I’d photocopied my Bolivia visa in the morning at Kinkos hours ago. I phoned them, but the man I spoke with was out and would return shortly. I jumped in the car and drove to Kinkos. No one had seen a passport. They looked ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria October 11th 2012

Dinner to say goodbye and give my travel schedule to Margaret and Susannah. Enjoyed Qaubili Palau and the sparkling new curtains.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria July 21st 2011

I can see that my time left here is getting short. My last day working will be Friday, July 29th. Several weeks ago I started working at the Brabo Tasting Room in Old Town Alexandria via a recommendation from Alma, a good friend and co-worker from my previous job at Cap City. This is the kind of job I wish I would have found a long time ago, and unfortunately I found it just before I leave. I will miss the people I work with there, even our time together will have been so short. Dan and I just ordered the last parts for our bikes, and they should arrive by Tuesday. I have a center stand on my bike already, this will help when taking off a wheel, an oil change, or chain lubing. Dan ... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria January 9th 2011

After a bit of a kerfuffle, we picked up the van ('Pegasus') from Washinton DC and drove to our hotel in Alexandria, Virginia (about 20 minutes away) and picked up our bags. After a quick trip to AAA to buy membership and get advice on our route we were finally on our way mid-afternoon. We knew we had to bust out a lot of the driving in the first couple of days before getting to enjoy the sights. As such, the first stop was Henderson in North Carolina where we spent the night in a motel (Red Roof Inn which was to become the staple motel of the trip) and did nothing else. The next day we got a lot of driving done and spent the night in Durham (also North Carolina). We asked a local ... read more
The famous 'fountain' of North Carolina University
On the road
Our roadtrip rings

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria September 8th 2010

The attached photo was taken at the City Dinner in Baileys Cross Roads, VA in 2007 when my daugter and her family dropped in to visit for a week, we had a blast and loved every minute of their visit. We of course gave them the dime tour of Washington, DC and Northern, VA.... read more

North America » United States » Virginia » Alexandria June 25th 2010

It is Friday, June 25th. I don't think I could be more organized. I have thought this through so thoroughly there can not possibly be one item I have forgotten. From audiobooks and power cords, to frying pans and spatulas. I am ready. I am also ready to escape this heat. It has been over 95 degrees the past several days here in Alexandria, VA. Heading north will hopefully provide some relief. I'm eager for the windows down, Bulletproof blaring, and and my ever reliable navigator, Justin, to be passed out in the passenger seat. Justin's been working really long hours, so all the trips planning and details have been left up to me. Currently, Justin has a knife, pillow, blanket, and fantasy football magazine packed. If you throw in some boxers and duct tape, I'm ... read more

I've had this travel blog for a little while now, but have used it rarely. Well, actually never. I thought I could get into the habit now, since my next trip is coming up in a couple of weeks. A friend and I are going to Tanzania. I've never been, so it should be pretty great. I'm hoping the rains have stopped by then, but the weather websites I've been stalking have not reported a whole lot of rain. I hope it stays that way, at least for three weeks while we are there. We've been vaguely planning the trip since November. We still don't have much of a plan, but I like to travel that way. Have a loose plan and if you follow it you follow it, if you don't, you don't. Kilimanjaro is ... read more

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