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September 12th 2007
Published: September 12th 2007
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The issue that I've always had when traveling is what do I pack??

For some reason, this particular trip is driving me nuts.... what do I pack?? What's the weather like? What kind of shoes do I bring?? It was 10 PM at night and I still had no clue. So I had to stop thinking and start throwing stuff into a suitcase.... but this brought up another issue... do I go with my standard 22 in suitcase?? Or do I go with the larger 26 in?

The 22 in works except I have no room for my hair stuff or for extra stuff to bring home.... The 26 in works as well... plenty of room for clothes, plenty of room for hair stuff... plenty of room for new stuff.... except it's very big... what should I do... I try the 22 inch... switch it to the 26 inch... switch back to the 22 inch.... and then back to the 26 inch.... such is the insanity that I have created for myself.....

Ultimately... does it really matter what I bring??? Whatever I bring.. I'll just make due....

To be continued... there's still time before I have to leave...


12th September 2007

Have Fun
I'm sure in the long run, it doesn't matter which one you bring...I would waffle and second guess my decision the whole time anyways. Don't Drive yourself mad!! So, which one did you finally go with?
12th September 2007

someone is nuts I say! :) bring the 26 in so that you can bring home tons of goodies!

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