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North America » United States » Vermont » Barre July 12th 2017

He's only been in the house 24 hours and we're learning about this new tiny animal so quickly. I think it was a huge help that both my teenagers have spent at least a day in the house he was born in so the smells are familiar. He's personality plus and I wonder how much Persian or Angora is in his dad. He seems to have a permanent case of fluff or the danger response. We had a cat like that. The hair doesn't lay down. It used to be as a kid when I got a new animal we were supposed to leave it alone in a room to get used to the new home. I couldn't have kept the teenagers away. The tiny kitten is a cuddle bug. He seems to need company. If ... read more
First purr
Mom's office

North America » United States » Vermont » Burlington July 5th 2017

There's been plenty of ups and downs the past five weeks. I almost blogged yesterday but I had a last function to go to. For over 10 years we've had an annual July 4 getaway that fell apart. I tried to save, salvage it but it wasn't happening. Then I tried to do something small, for myself. That fell apart too. Little did I know it might have been flooded out! Two small things held up over the vacation. One was my first small cruise. The cruise itself was wonderful. The city it happens in, not so much. I thought it would be smart to get an early time slot so I was a little tired going in. Burlington needs to grow and the only way it can do that is down existing roads. Overstaying a ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Burlington June 25th 2017

The weather report for today was bright and sunny in the morning with thundershowers in the afternoon, so we wanted to get an early start because we had lots to do before the rain came. I say we wanted to get an early start, but in reality it was Sunday morning, and our first stop - Ausable Chasm - is only 30 minutes away, so there is no point in getting on the road until 8:30. These are the things I told myself as I rolled over and caught a few extra zzz's this morning. So we had a quick breakfast, and headed out at 8:30, right on schedule. We even stopped along the way to gas up the bike since we knew 1 tank would last us all day. Our first stop was Ausable Chasm, ... read more
Ausable Chasm - Rainbow Falls
Ausable Chasm - Looking Down The Gorge
Ausable Chasm - Rafting The Gorge

North America » United States » Vermont June 24th 2017

At 5:30 a.m. we officially began our cross country trip. Our first stop was in Rouses Point, NY to see our good friends Sonya and Norman, Kayla and Peyton Lague. The look on their faces when we pulled into their driveway was priceless. We certainly surprised them like we had hoped. After coffee, the Lague family gave us a warm send off and we headed for our first official stop...Niagara Falls, NY. We enjoyed seeing the falls from the various lookouts. After the falls, we decided to travel a little further so, we spent the night in a truck stop outside of Buffalo so we'd be ready to start the next morning for Nashville, Tennessee. Still trying to figure out how to post pictures.... read more
Robert and I at Niagara Falls, NY
Niagara Falls 1

North America » United States » Vermont » Manchester June 18th 2017

I should probably blog on this before I forget. I had a rough week-10 days, needed to take pressure off. There are some times you just need to runaway. Clear your head, even if only for a short while. Several times I tried to get out to Groton. This time I succeeded. I know it's smart to travel with a buddy but there was none to be had. I've rarely been alone in my life so it was scary. Among other things, I'm remembering how much I need some kind of a pet. It was so neat quietly watching a toad or frog singing. I've been coming up against a number of roadblocks on finding a pet to the point of where I've just prayed about it and little things have started happening. In the past ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Quechee May 31st 2017

Part of me wanted to call this camp “our” camp. At a little over $100 a night to rent, it's a fraction of the cost of owning our own. Very recently we had reason to want this and part of me was looking the past couple years. But I'm not sure staying in a cabin in this state is an option anymore. I've tried a couple possibilities. I really didn't want to spend Memorial day weekend at home so I hunted and found a camping franchise I've used before, KOA. The last time we used one was 2001. We had our own accommodations, a Winnebago, to come across the country. I booked it clear back in November 2016 so they might have been turning people away. There was a “no vacancy” sign out front, like you ... read more
music section

North America » United States » Vermont » Stowe December 14th 2016

We stayed on a beautiful horse farm and explored the mountains!... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Stowe October 25th 2016

As we were now half way through the trip most people were starting to run out of clean clothes to wear so it was decided that we needed to have a laundry day. Initially we were going to use the facilities at the hotel but after some advice from the main desk we were advised to head to a proper launderette. It turns out that the process was a little more confusing than first expected and we needed the help of the person running the launderette, it was pretty pricey to get everything we needed as well! When it came to the drying we thought one dryer would be enough however, it was nowhere enough and we needed 6 dryers going to finally dry all the clothes. Once all the laundry was done everyone else wanted ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Stowe October 24th 2016

Today we were going zip lining which was one of the things I was most looking forward to doing. We started the day with a good breakfast with a lot choices available. As we were about to leave Grant announced that Jack would not be going because he thought that he would be too heavy for the zip lining, I was certain this was not the case as I would not have booked it for him if he could not go on it. On the way we got stuck in a traffic jam as there were some roadworks going on meaning I had to call ahead to let the guides know that we were going to be late, thankfully we were the only group completing the course that day and they were fine with waiting. Once ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Stowe October 23rd 2016

Typically when I woke up in the morning the rain had finally stopped which was very irritating especially as when leaving Montreal I saw the theme park! It was my turn to drive the car again and I had a very easy drive to the American border after taking one wrong turn along the way. Sadly I chose the wrong lane of traffic when queuing to get through border control and it took a very long time before we made it to the front. We were entering the USA at the Vermont border and the further we travelled through Vermont the more beautiful it became; this was somewhere that I could very easily live in. To get to Stowe we needed to cross through a mountain but the closer we go to this road we could ... read more

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