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October 21st 2008
Published: October 21st 2008
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Hi All

My turn to write this blog!

Well we made it out of Boston OK and have now arrived safely in Manchester, Vermont. It felt a bit sad to leave Boston as we were just beginning to get to know the place, but this is a roadtrip after all so it had to be done. We're staying in a little motel just outside of town. Though it is in amongst beautiful scenery of different coloured mountains and woodland it's best feature is that we have a bathroom all to ourselves, as opposed to sharing with all comers in Boston!
Weather is a bit rainy and the Fall has mostly passed it's peak here, but NewsFlash I have actually been driving! Haven't crashed (yet) so fingers crossed.
When we do finally return to the UK expect us to take up a bit more room than before as despite our (best) efforts our diet has mainly consisted of pizza, pancakes and pitchers of cola. Trying to find a healthy salad sandwich is like searching for gold (I swear even the 'healthy' cereal comes pre-sugared). Fiona is already making plans to set up a little tea shop.
Will update with some photos when we get a chance.
Hope all is good back in the UK, see Spurs are bottom still (Yippee). Let us know how things are doing with you guys back home.
Yours M + F


21st October 2008

only me.....
Hey guys lovin the updates- keep em coming! Your not missing much here to be honest, getting cold snaps... unlike you two im in the gym 4 times a week and started swimming twice a week- so yes Fi i will be skinnier than you by the time you get back especially with that diet lol hope your both getting great guns and hope you experience loads more- cant wait for pictures xxx
22nd October 2008

Hi Fi and Michael Glad to know you both arrived safely, especially as Michael did some of the driving!! I see you're picking up the vernacular Michael with the "you guys" comment. Look forward to seeing some pictures. We can do without the vainglorious (look it up!) comments about Spurs though. Rosie's missing Fiona, I'm sure. Love Mum
23rd October 2008

your on your way
Hi Fiona and Michael, Glad your having a great time, all enjoying the blogs good luck with the search for salad. love
27th October 2008

Glad alls going well...
..guys.Just got back from germany(and Holland)and Irmy sends her best wishes.This saturday,took Victor Hugo to Legoland(Berks)he enjoyed it-(mind you so did I).Have fun you guys,Fiona,don`t let Mike drive to much unless your Health insurance is upto scratch.. Take care,enjoying the blogs. Andy

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