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January 8th 2009
Published: January 11th 2009
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January 8th, 2009

Today was our last full day in Stowe. It has been snowing like crazy all day and we have really been enjoying the town. We woke up slow to big heavy snowflakes falling outside our little home. Beautiful. We decided to go our to breakfast, but ended up not going far. Our legs were thankful for this. We went to the Colonial Cafe which is run by the Golden Eagle Lodge. Luke had french toast, with 4 ounces of Vermont maple syrup. Apparently your syrup portions are restricted here. I had a bagel and eggs. There were no restrictions.

After breakfast we decided to drive into town and walk around for a while. After brushing four inches of snow off the car we headed out. First we went to the Little River Glass Shop which is a bit outside of town. This turned out to be an excellent decision though. We drove up to the small studio. We walked into what seemed to be their house, but was actually the gallery of work. It was small, but had a lot of pieces on display. There was a guy in the studio blowing some glass and came out to say hello as we wandered around looking at the work. He quickly went back to work. His wife came downstairs a few minutes later with their little jack russell named Arthur to investigate. Arthur was a real sweetie...and proceeded to try to bury his bone in the corner under the throw rug by the door. We had a good conversation about snow and how ridiculous Philadelphia has been lately and headed back to town.

We parked behind Stowe Mercantile, where we wanted to pick up a few things for friends and family. After a ridiculously exhausting climb up the ONE flight of stairs in the building we left out the front door and headed out on foot to explore some of the Art Galleries around. We were not counting on stairs being so tiring after three days of skiing. We do have four flights leading up to our apartment in Philly so we're pretty used to them. Fortunately we were in no hurry at all so we were able to slowly make our way through the piles of snow accumulating through out the town. We went to a several of the craft and design galleries and were really inspired by the work there. It was really nice to see such beautiful work. Wood, ceramics, glass, and metals, beautiful pieces in every medium.

We took a little break and stopped into the Stowe Coffee House for a warm drink and then continued on our way. Luke bought me a little metal polywog at one of the galleries, where we also saw some really cool oxidized steel rings, which I need to look into further. At this point we were both pretty beat and decided to head back to the car and back to the resort. So once again after sweeping a good three inches of snow off the car we were on our way.

We relaxed in our room for a while and then headed out to dinner at the Partridge Inn, which was right across the street from the resort. We had a delicious fancy seafood dinner and enjoyed pretending to be adults for the night. After we were both feeling quite satisfied we walked back across the street and relaxed in our room until we both fell asleep. A great last night in a beautiful place.

We are headed out tomorrow. We have really enjoyed this trip; all parts of it. This town is very beautiful and getting to learn it together has been wonderful. Many more trips to come, but for now it's back home to the city. More to come from two kids just playing through this life!

Jess & Luke


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