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July 10th 2008
Published: July 10th 2008
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Well, we scorched our way through another day of blistering heat as we headed north from Las Vegas. By 6:30 this morning it was already almost 100 F (38 or so celsius). As we slipped through the northwest tip of Arizona and entered the higher country of Utah, we finally got some respite from the high temperatures.

We gassed up in St. George, Utah and headed back out onto the highway. About five minutes later I heard Nancy shout, "Oh shit!!", in a very excited voice. I thought she had seen a piece of the motorcycle fall off or an animal about to jump in our path. But it was even worse. She had just seen a car sliding sideways down the highway on the oncoming lanes on the other side of the grass divider at highway speed.
The driver was gripping the wheel looking panic stricken. As she continued to watch, it hit the ditch on the side of the road and flipped as we sped by. Just as she screamed, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the car disappearing in a cloud of dust behind us in the ditch and several people stopping to check it out. Who knows how the slide started or what the outcome was. It certainly didn't look good from our perspective.

We are staying at the Richfield KOA tonight in the western part of the state. After arriving we proceeded to take a nap for a couple of hours. We both think the heat is doing us in!!

And finally, sometimes when you are traveling you step into a gem of a restaurant accidentally while looking for a place to eat. Today we found such a place in this small town. Incredible food, very cool decor, and great service. Autoshop repair decor, not a piece of plastic anywhere. At first glance, it looked like it could be a chain, but it wasn't. Somebody went to town with duct metal decoration and old signage. To top off our incredibly huge taco salad that we shared along with our massive strawberry-lemonade drinks, we had their signature dish for desert...fried ice cream. smothered in whip cream and caramel. Not necessary but something that had to be tried! If anyone else gets to Richfield, Utah, be sure to check out Pepper Bellys.

The other thing in this little town that impressed me was the size of all the trees. I guess we have been traveling through no man's land for too many days!

And tomorrow we head for more desert and will be staying at the Moab KOA in the heart of Utah's canyonlands and natural arches landscape. The only good thing is that it shouldn't be more than three or four hours of traveling.

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