First Day In Zion

Published: September 30th 2017
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Cabin 531Cabin 531Cabin 531

Our Cabin at Zion Lodge
Geo: 37.2012, -112.989

Left Hurricane, UT this morning and made it to Zion @10am. Private vehicles are not allowed in the park unless you're staying at the lodge, and then you can only park there and then ride one of the shuttles that travel up and down the canyon every few minutes. We did 10.4 miles and are beat! At one point, the temp on Anne's hiking gizmo(thanks, David!) read over 100 deg.. Don't think it was that hot but plenty warm and even with sunscreen, we probably got a bit of burn. Checked into a rustic, over-priced, no frills cabin next to the lodge and even though it has no TV, we are able to use the internet. Big surprise but a welcome one! Trying to decide what to do about dinner. Not hungry for the big meals that are offered at the restaurant so we may just end up with an appetizer somewhere. Lots of people here! More than we like so we took a trail that wasn't as crowded. Kind of the road less traveled! David, we did go part of the way on the Angel's Landing trail but then veered off and continued up the canyon on the
Angel's LandingAngel's LandingAngel's Landing

Hiked the Angel's Landing trail to Scout's Lookout, 2 miles, then instead of continuing on the Angel's Landing trail we took the West Rim trail for another couple of miles.
West Rim trail for about 1 1/2 miles. Making plans for hiking tomorrow and then we'll head out of here and drive to Parowan, UT for the night. Great Basin on Friday!

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This deer was munching leaves on the tree right behind our cabin at Zion Lodge.

Prickly Pear Cactus flowers along the trail. Lots of wildflowers this time of year.
From Scout's LookoutFrom Scout's Lookout
From Scout's Lookout

The valley floor from Scout's Lookout.
Ice Box canyonIce Box canyon
Ice Box canyon

The trail goes throught this little canyon on the way up, just before Walter's Wiggles.

This spot - at the top - is where we ate lunch. Elevation right at 6,000 feet. We actually climbed to the top here. The peak was right next to the West Rim trail, near where we turned around.

Us at atop that little peak where we ate lunch.
Walter's WigglesWalter's Wiggles
Walter's Wiggles

Just after the Ice Box canyon are 'Walter's Wiggles', a series of 21 switchbacks with an average 19 degree upslope - i.e. - very steep. Have no idea who Walter was - need to research.

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