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North America » United States » Utah » Springdale January 18th 2020

It is hard to convey, but not to understand, the girls’ disappointment that yesterday was our last day of rocks. I mean, who wouldn’t love a holiday based on driving around with two engineering parents constantly pointing out the rock formations, how they’d formed, the stratification, the changes caused by heat and’s the stuff of dreams!! So, we really tapped in to that when we told them that we were going to a ‘special rock museum’ to spend some time looking at rocks. In fact, we told them that we’d arranged for a special tour where they’d get a personalised three hour tour, walking around, looking at rocks. The gullible and trusting souls that they are still hadn’t twigged when we drove past the massive sign saying ‘Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’, all the while making ... read more
 Very timid Annabelle warmed up in the end
Kalani found ‘her person’...
Hot Cocoa wanted some of that napping action

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale September 5th 2019

After a 5:30 wake up, and an uneventful flight, we landed in Las Vegas, Nevada. HELP! I'M MELTING!!!! The temperature at the airport was a scorching 102 degrees! They say that it's a dry heat, but at that temperature it felt like we had entered an oven. We picked up our rental van, stopped for a case of wine (of course), and then headed to Zion, NP and the town of Springdale, Utah where we would be spending the next two nights. The three hour drive was quite uneventful. The scenery was quite bland, but became more colorful and beautiful the closer we came to our destination. En-route, the outside temperature showed 114 degrees, but as we entered a rain shower it fell to a much more comfortable 74. After checking into our lodging we headed ... read more
Leaving Las Vegas
Hwy 15  north
Not much to see

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale July 8th 2016

Springdale, Utah, 7 juillet Cette devise inscrite sur les plaques d'immatriculation de l'Utah m'avait d'abord accroché un sourire. Après près d'une semaine à enchaîner les merveille du sud de l'État, la chose m'apparaît en fait tellement représentative de ce l'on découvre ici. Les "mighty five" (les cinq parcs nationaux de l'Utah) sont à plusieurs égards incomparables et figurent parmi les merveilles naturelles de la planète, les superlatifs sont donc de mise: Canyonlands et ses vastes étendues élégamment grugées par la Green river et le fleuve Colorado, Arches et ses folles sculptures de pierre qu'aurait probablement adoré Alfred Pellan, Capitol Reef et son merveilleux et improbable oasis où l'on cueille les abricots, Bryce Canyon et ses falaises de "hoodoos" en technicolor et enfin Zion et son majestueux canyon. Toutes ces merveilles nous amènent dans une autre dimension, ... read more
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale May 30th 2015

After heading West from the unforgettable & majestic Monument Valley, destination Zion National Park, with the magnificent Zion Canyon. So much diversity in this land! Crossed the Colorado River & the temperature started to climb as we entered the desert country. Zion has 1000 miles of hiking trails inside the park & is part of an area know as Canyonlands for reasons that become obvious when you are here. There is so many gorgeous canyons & vistas to enjoy. Zion is just one of many. Did a 2 hr hike early this morning & thank god we finished by 11am as the Mercury rose to over 100 degrees by lunchtime. Drove on down to Moapa Valley, Nevada, headed for Vegas tomorrow & our Final Destination, where we can chill/cook in the sun, for 5 days before ... read more
The Colorado River
Zion Canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale August 8th 2014

Geo: 37.1825, -113.004We had a lot on our plate for today, so we were on the road at 8 AM and 61 degrees. The plan for today was ambitious…drive 3 hours to Bryce Canyon National Park, visit the park, then drive 2 hours to our hotel near Zion National Park, which we would visit on Saturday. Bryce is not a big park, so we felt it was doable, but there would be no time to spare. The drive to Bryce from Capital Reef was incredible. It took us through the Dixie National Forest, then through an immense canyon and ending up in Zion. The drive through the forest was very interesting. Most of the forest land is treed with white birch, one of my very favorite. They were standing tall, close together, reaching for the sun, ... read more
Road to Bryce
Dixie National Forest - pretty white birch
Cows in the road

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale November 27th 2013

Geo: 37.1825, -113.004Watching from the Watchman Got up the next morning after a leisurely breakfast and headed into the park. The South campground was not open and the only one that was open was the Watchman campground which we have never stayed in before. Drove through the campground and found a site located near the restrooms, with sun and a nice view. Biked over to check in and fixed lunch and then did a little exploring. There were some sites that were overlooking the river with incredibly awesome views that had no one in them. Biked back over to campground host and he said was no problem we could change to the new site.B-56 was an end site with another one close by that would be good if someone joined us. The views out the kitchen ... read more
Sunrise Over Zion Canyon
Sunrise Over Zion Canyon
Sunrise Over Zion Canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale October 2nd 2012

Geo: 37.1889, -112.999Die Frühaufsteher (alle die noch nie einen Sonnenaufgang im Grand Canyon gesehen haben) trafen sich um 05.30 Uhr, um in den Nationalpark zu fahren und den Sonnenaufgang zu erleben. die anderen sind in sich gegangen und haben Kräfte für den Tag gesammelt. Nach dem Frühstück starteten wir mit unseren Bikes und fuhren die ganze South Rim des Grand Canyons entlang, hielten an verschiedenen Aussichtspunkten und genossen die Eindrücke.Nachdem wir den Park verlassen haben, folgten wir erst der 64 East und später der 89 North und erfreuten uns an der endlosen Weite, den Canyons, der Sonne und am biken...der warme Wind der um die Ohren wehte, dazu das tiefe Brummen des Motors und das Gefühl von Freiheit....Unterwegs hielten wir, um zu tanken oder um spezielle Aussichtspunkte zu besuchen, dies u.a. auch in Page mit Blick ... read more
Sunrise im Grand Canyon
Sunrise Grand Canyon
Sunrise im Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale August 25th 2012

On the drive from Moab to our next port of call we stopped off at Goblin Valley State Park. That place is seriously awesome. It's where one of the scenes in Galaxy Quest was shot so that gives some indication of the bizarre landscape. The Lonely Planet guide had this introduction for it: 'A Salvador Dali-esque melted-rock fantasy, a valley of giant stone mushrooms, an otherworldly alien landscape or the results of an acid trip the creator went on?' The sun was scorching but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves climbing over and around the little rocks which, as you may have guessed, are said to resemble goblins. At one point I recall thinking to myself how great the place would be for a game of hide-and-seek. Within a few minutes of this thought passing through my head ... read more
Dad Surfin' USA
Capitol Gorge
Posey Lake in Dixie National Forest

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale July 12th 2012

Zion National Park has a shuttle system and the first one leaves at 6pm. So we set the alarm for 5am (big mistake as we were all still so tired, but at least I got a great night’s sleep which makes a change), so we could get in early and beat the crowds and heat. We were waiting and waiting at the shuttle stop but soon realised that the shuttle didn’t start till 9am from town, but had to drive into the Visitor’s Centre to get the 6am shuttle from there. By the time we figured all this out we didn’t get the first shuttle till 8am so we could’ve had a bit of a sleep in afterall. Sigh! It was pretty amazing to be surrounded by the mountains of the national park. I don’t know ... read more
Road out of Zion
Road out of Zion
Awesome rock formations as we leave Zion

North America » United States » Utah » Springdale October 7th 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008 Reality has caught up with us and we now know that time is not infinite, and this road trip has to come to an end in a few weeks. So we’ve had to regroup with our plans, and give up many places we had at first thought were doable. We also want to continue enjoying the time we have left and linger in the parks still on the ‘must do’ list, not least of which is Grand Canyon. And return home on more secondary roads, avoiding the interstates and keeping to small towns as much as possible. The reality check has also meant turning down a tempting invitation to visit Kayla’s cousin Ron and his wife Carol, who have a lovely second home (and future retirement home) on Lake Tahoe. Next time ... read more
Rock wall
Rock Wall
Rock Wall

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