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Roadtrip SW USA...Snow Canyon Utah. No one told us USA had invaded Canada...yet Homeland Security in Toronto made it clear they had...serves us right for avoiding the news while travelling. Lucky I had stopped talking or he would have carried out his threat that I would never enter the USA again. Talk about catching us by surprise. Even so, I couldn't help snapping my disgust...that he had made her cry. ****** So began our foray into the USA...kicking off with a roadtrip through Utah, Arizona and Colorado...ending at the snow charged chateau of Home & Away for some homestay USA hospitality. A polar vortex from Canada had followed us...caught up with us good and proper. Resulted in snow in some areas for the first time in many years...and we were there!!! Buckle up...'tis quite a ride. ... read more

OUT OF THIS WORLD literally describes every facet of the landscape we rode through today in Utah. It will take days for it all to sink in, once again. It was an unexpectedly long, intense 10 hour day, leaving Torrey around 9 and riding through Capitol Reef National Park, and back the same 35 miles because in our eagerness to see the park, we rode right past Junction 12 on the edge of town to take us back to route 89 to connect with route 9 leading us into (no temptation, I'm afraid, Ian is still married to only one wife) St. George, Utah. I thought Capitol Reef was spectacular, and then we rode through Boulder Canyon, and Dixie Forest, and finally Zion National Park. WOW. It just got more and more mindblowing as the day ... read more
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park

North America » United States » Utah » Snow Canyon State Park September 10th 2012

While listening to The Hobbit, we entered the ethereal, surreal Utah landscape. As if traveling with Bilbo and company, we passed through Goblin Valley then climbed to Black Dragon Canyon. For lunch we stopped in the wooded area of Salina (sweet red pepper hummus from the Natural Foods Mkt in Silverthorne, CO, pita, avocado, and delicious organic grape tomatoes that burst with flavor and juice in our mouths all from Whole Foods in St Paul, MN). Later during our drive, we saw magnificent misty mountains as we approached the exit for Zion National Park. We continued past Zion to St. George, Utah for the night--six-hour drive today. "There is nothing like looking to find something." Bilbo Baggens... read more
Spotted Wolf Pass on I70
River of sand
San Rafael Reef

We had a longer mileage day today, but still managed to see quite a bit, and still get in to the hotel early since a lot of our miles were on the highway. We left Ridgecrest this morning and caught another windy day across the northern Mojave Desert. After about 50 miles, we were on to Interstate 15 for the remainder of the day through California, Nevada, Arizona and in to Utah. The wind got really bad for a while to the point we were riding leaned over pretty well, but the worst part is that it was gusty, so at times we were almost blown right out of our lane. The wind was so strong that in Nevada we came across a pickup truck towing a travel trailer that had been blown over. It seemed ... read more
Photo op
World's Tallest Thermometer

Oct. 5, 2011 Our Utah adventure began on Sept. 5, 2011 when we left Evansville, IN and traveled to Las Vegas, NV. We then traveled to St. George, UT via shuttle to Dixie College where we spent the night in a refurbished dormitory. We had a private room and bath and met our group the next morning. We were late in arriving because of some travel difficulties. We met our tour directors, Chrystal and Marc Deshowitz. Chrystal was in charge of the logistics and helped by her husband, Marc. Marc is a geologist and this proved to be extremely important on our journey to see the National Parks of Utah. Our first full day of our adventure began with breakfast with our group and meeting the tour directors, Chrystal and Marc Deshowitz. Chrystal organized the activities ... read more
Marc Deshowitz
Stan & Linda hiking trail in Snow Canyon
Fault in lacolith

Heading out of southern California we spent two weeks in Thousand Trails Verde Valley, AZ. Beautiful. Tom got an okay from his cardiologist for another 6 months. Met up with Bruce and Cheryl and new friends Sandra and Ed. Sandra is mentoring me in my dream to be a writer of childrens books. She is published! Keeps the dream alive. We had great pickleball for 3 hours every morning. Also was aided by new friend, Kitsy, a young widow traveling alone. She gave me her Vet's name, and called them for me when Princess went lame. It turned out to be a Teddy Bear Catus to the foot. Princess is fine now. From there, we spent 4 days at the Grand Canyon. Awesome! Neither Tom nor I had ever been there. We ae still learning how ... read more
Bryce Canyon, UT
Grand Canyon
Mormom Temple, St. George

For those of you who have been asking where I'm at, here's a rather belated post I wrote and never published ... I've just spent 2 days trying to cycle from Hurricane to Cedar City, a disance of only 40 something miles, and guess where I am? back in St George, right where I started. The first time I set off from Hurricane, I gave up after about an hour and a half, just 6 miles down the road at Toquerville, a small town with a church and a Fedex, but not much else. The headwind was so strong that I was getting blown over when standing still, and I was averaging 4 miles per hour going along the flats. I sat it out behind the church for a few hours to see if the wind ... read more
Utah Roads
Sheltering behing a church
A turning point

What’s happened to America? One of my favourite sayings for years are that Americans are the friendliest people on the planet, in thei rown country, but from what I’ve seen to date everyone seems to have lost their manners … plus they’ve all had iPhones surgically implanted at the end of one arm. OK, I exaggerate slightly, but at least 40% of the population seem to now have only one hand, with the other being replaced by and an iphone, with the remaining 60% having some other equivalent piece of technology merging into their body structure. I’m only brave enough to bring my poor little phone out when in the privacy of my own room, and then only if I have the privacy sign up and the curtains pulled shut. Anyway, it all started well, I ... read more

Well hello there anyone who desires to read about Brian and I's (Whitny's) trip this summer/fall! We mostly are doing this so family and friends can keep up with us and where we're at. (And so our parents know we're still alive!!) First on our agenda, and most importantly will be the NFCT (Northern Forest Canoe Trail)! We will start from Old Forge, NY and end up in Fort Kent, ME, all in a canoe!! So this will be an exciting adventure for us and may turn out to be a hilarious read for all of you! Already put a deposit down on a canoe that is waiting for us in Old Forge! We'll have to come up with a name for it, actually i think i already know what it will be called, just need ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Snow Canyon State Park September 13th 2009

I fell in love with Utah from the moment I came here in from Colorado in 2007. My recent four week stay has re-established my fondness of the state. The Utah scenery is breathtaking. Salt Lake City is in a deep wide valley and looks absolutely beautiful from the approach regardless of direction. The red rocks that make up most of the landscape are just awesome. For the first ten days I was in a beautiful RV resort called East Canyon which is set, as its name suggests, in a deep canyon, east of Salt Lake City. The weather was perfect while I was there, warm days and cool nights. Salt Lake of course was established by the Mormons, who decided on the location after trekking east from Illinois in the 1840’s. As I travel around ... read more
Salt Lake
St. George Tabernacle

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