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November 14th 2012
Published: June 6th 2017
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Well, after about 3 hours of sleep, we got up, showered, went down to the lobby to say goodbye to Eduardo before boarding the bus and going to the airport. The flight went off without a hitch and we made it from Quito to Houston on time. Customs, baggage claim and security took about 2 hours in Houston and then we grabbed a quick lunch before boarding the flight from Houston to Salt Lake City.

I am looking forward to a nice long sleep in my own bed tonight.

Post Trip Thoughts.

As on our previous Adventures by Disney Trip, our Adventure Guides were amazing. Laura from the US and Eduardo from Quito made sure that our every need was met.

It was the attention to detail that Disney gave us that make this trip so amazing. Nothing was overlooked.

The Galapagos was not a place that I had ever thought about visiting. But, when the opportunity came around and Nikki said that I do it, I took the chance. It was a great experience. Someone summarized the Galapagos very well. "The animals are the star of the show but the real star is that they are not afraid of humans and you can get so close to them."

Without this trip, I would never have had the opportunity to be within feet of a sea lion or tortoise or see a Booby (Blue Footed, Red Footed or Nazca). I would not have been able to see and hear a two week old sea lion nursing from its mother. Or walk on lava cliffs with hundreds of Marine Iguanas, come face to face with Land Iguanas and Frigate Birds and Galapagos Crabs.

I also had the chance to briefly see the Capital City of Quito and ride through two mountain ranges of the Andes on the way to the Otovalo Valley in the Highlands of Ecuador and learn more about the native Ecuadorian people. Try Cuy (see earlier post) or stay in a 300 year old Hacienda. No to mention standing on the equator and learning about how thousands of years ago people had already figured out where the equator was and were using it to create a calendar.

The trip was awesome and something I am glad that I was encouraged to do.


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