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Published: July 8th 2008
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Today is July 7th; my time with AmeriCorps is over July 30th. That is a little over 3 weeks that I have left of my 10 month commitment. Man, has the time flown by. It seems like yesterday I was packing up and leaving Buffalo for Sacramento. But it was much longer ago than that and in reality I have done so much and come so far in the last 10 months. The thought of leaving my team is very frightening to me. We have been together since October. The 13 of us held strong and made it to the end. We have spent every day of the week together: working, eating and playing. The other 12 members of Gold 4 have become more than just friends to me; we have become our own little family. We have experienced and been through so much together. And though I am confident the relationships will last through the years and I will see everybody again, not having all of them with me for the next chapter in my life is going to be a hard obstacle for me to overcome. As many of you know, I hate goodbyes.

With that being said, every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. I am sure just like myself and my parents, many of you have been wondering what I am going to do with my life come August when AmeriCorps is over. Well, I am pleased, and relieved to announce to you that today I was offered a job as a Support Team Leader for class XV of AmeriCorps NCCC at the Sacramento Campus. It will be with the same program but I will be taking on a different role this time. I will be stationed in Sacramento initially working there for one of the 5 units. Mainly doing paper work and working as the assistant to the Unit Leader who is in charge of 7 different teams. If the need arises during the course of the year I may be pulled to lead a team in the field for however long or short they may need me. It will be a different change of pace and different experience than this past year has been but I have become very excited about the job. Although the other job prospect I had lined up, bumming off of my parents, still sounds pretty enticing, I'm sure they are thrilled that I have decided to take the responsible role and get a “real” job. AND for the best news of the night, drum roll please, joining AmeriCorps for another year means another year of blog updates you will receive.


8th July 2008

Proud of you!
It has been a great 10 months of hearing from you and reading your blogs and even catching up in London. As much as your parents would love to have you home "bumming" off of us, I am delighted that you will have yet another wonderful adventure with Americorp next year especially since your other option as you were hinting at was moving to Australia. I trust in God's plan for you Jer. 29:11 and I will look forward to having you home for the summer, then visiting you in Sacramento and of course reading your enlightening blogs throughout next year. With facebook, blogs, IM, email, instant messaging and text messages etc. I am confident that team Gold 4 will be friends forever and will continue to build wonderful relationships over the years to come. So it's not "goodbye" it is "till we communicate again". The bond you built will be eternal! That's just the way it is with "families"! Love, Mom
9th July 2008

I'm proud of you
Nicole, It has been amazing to read your blog over the past year. I am amazed and proud of you for all the wonderful and selfless things you have done with your young life! I wish you the best during the next chapter of your life and look forward to more blogs! God Bless You!! Penny
9th July 2008

We are very happy for you regarding your new job. Congratulations for being selected. It will be another challenge in your life and we know you will do a fine job of it. We've been happy that you and Sandra are in the same area now and look forward to seeing you soon on our front doorstep (we have a new door so don't let that throw you, haha) Love, Other Mom
15th July 2008

CONGRATS!! Thats so exciting. Cant wait to come vist you *cough-mom-cough*

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