Day 6 - Jackson Hole, WY to Salt Lake City, UT UT

Published: July 5th 2008
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David and Bill chillin' in the RV in Salt Lake City.
Starting out at 7:00 am we made tracks for Utah. The Bridger Teton National Forrest gave way to rolling hills and beautiful countryside as we made our way to Salt Lake. This seemingly endless drive through ranch land sporting llama and deer farms was interesting, yet timeless. These small-town communities sprouting out of the plains are a testament to the hardiness of Americans.

Arriving in Salt Lake City was a shock to the body. It was 44 degrees in Jackson Hole when we left and 104 degrees in Salt Lake when we arrived around 1:30 pm. The helpful KOA staff assisted us in securing directions to the nearest transmission specialist. The Chrysler dealer was unfriendly and unwilling to help but we found quite the opposite reception when calling Aamco. Since we had to tow the vehicle with the motor home, we decided to use our newfound parking lot skills. Patty made chicken fried rice in the motor home while the guys tended to the vehicle - another first…delivering lunch on a tray to the waiting room at the Aamco specialist. It was all bad news after that. Kiddie car needs a new transmission, so we’ll tow her back to Virginia

The guys working on the plumbing problem.
with us and let Karen’s Dad decide what to do with her when they come for a visit in November.

On our way back to the campground we made our first provisions stop at (where else?) WalMart. Jennifer, this location has a two level parking garage with an escalator built for shopping carts on one side and people on the other. How cool is THAT? Since we were in the motor home we were on the lower level and didn’t get to use it.

Back at the campground, we did laundry, took showers and figured out how to get internet access, our first since leaving Portland. Updating this blog was a big job, but I’ve been writing each day in MSWord so I could copy and paste onto the blog page. Then adding pictures is all I have to do. We download pictures into the computers daily so then all I have to do is put them together!

Hope you’re all enjoying this, let us hear from you! - Karen

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Why Me?Why Me?
Why Me?

Why do I always have to clean out the poop?

5th July 2008

Poor Mr. Bill!
5th July 2008

Vacation Blues
So I'm confused. What vehicle needs a new transmission? Are you pulling another vehicle behing the RV? How was Las Vegas? Did you see anyone famous?

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