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North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 14th 2021

So how much water is in the Colorado River anyway ? I made a special visit to Riverside Park in Grand Junction to find out. Unfamiliar with before and after or how to measure flow, it seemed pretty much up to normal levels (below the addition of the Gunnison, of course). I decided to look at the Green River too, to see if I could see anything with my un-practiced eye. That also meant I could visit the John Wesley Powell museum at Green River -- a plus -- but would have to face I-15 traffic going North through Provo and Salt Lake City. Big negative -- but this is what I ended up doing. The Green River also had a 'normal' amount of water. The town is where the 1869 Expedition to run the Colorado ... read more
Colorado River running through Grand Junction
The Green River at Green River.
Sculpture of the Emma Dean

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden July 6th 2013

I dag har vi aftalt at stå tidligt op og køre af sted kl. 9.00 og til alles meget store forundring kører vi faktisk kun et kvarter senere end planlagt. Det er jo godt når vi skal køre omkring 300 miles og noget af det igennem Salt Lake City som er både stor og fuld af biler. Vi starter på de små veje men kommer efter kun en times kørsel ud på interstate 15, så man ”hurtigt” kan få kørt nogle kilometer. Anne og jeg kører alene i vores bil, da alle ungerne er samlet ovre i den anden bil, de har fået arrangeret sig med video og hygge i den store seng, til gengæld er det fredeligt og roligt ovre i vores bil. Anne sørger her for væske og snacks med passende intervaller. Køre turen ... read more
Bob og Anns motorhome

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 16th 2012

Hey All! We're back! And back with full cell coverage! Welcome to Utah everyone! We left our ghetto campground nestled between the highway and the parking garage two days ago and ventured into western Wyoming. We went through some of the most drastic scenery yet, passing along mountain byways with cliffs on one side and green mountains and rivers to the other. This was pretty tough on the car, the smell of burning breaks became a normal smell outside of the crisp mountain air. We stopped along the highway at a pull off, along one of the most steep cliffs we'd seen so far, in order to give the car a break and get some fresh air. While taking some photos, we heard the sound of voices above. We looked straight up and saw some climbers ... read more
Old Faithful
GRand Prismatic Spring
Paint Pots

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 5th 2011

We drove up to Fairfeild, Ca on Saturday for the start of the trip. Everyone met early Sunday morning for the "launch" of the trip. The first day was pure driving. Just make a mile to get to Elko, Nv where we would spend the first night, 460 miles. There are 8 cars, us in our 1994 300 ZX convertible, 3 corvette's, 1 infinity and 2 GTR's. We are the oldest and the slowest. But, I love that car! We ate dinner at a Basque Restaurant in Elko. We split a 20 oz. Prime Rib. It was great! Day 2, Monday, Labor Day, we drove to Ogden, Ut. We went out to the Golden Spike National Park. It is the sight where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined their tracks in 1869, creating this nation's ... read more
Yolanda's Corvette
Roy's GTR
Lee's GTR

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden June 22nd 2010

Our drive here was beautiful across Nevada and Utah. We love to look at the bare bones of the earth in the strata of the mountains-a geologists delight. The landscape gradually changed from mostly sagebrush to mostly grass. When we stopped for lunch yesterday, Rich struck up a conversation with two men who were walking to Washington, DC in protest of the the Supreme Court decision to make corporations "persons" when making campaign contributions. Their website is laird and We got to go see our new puppy today. She is so adorable at three weeks. She'll be ready for us to pick up when we get back from Alaska. Both of the puppy's parents are beautiful dogs, too. We also went to a walk-in clinic to see about the rash on my neck that won't ... read more
Our puppy's sister

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden June 2nd 2009

CORRECTION: One error I didn't see till after I published the entry on Zion Park. The three patriachs were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob not Joseph. 5-22-09 Our only full day in Springville we decided to go to Utah Lake State Park. It was a very pretty little park on the east side of the largest fresh water lake in Utah, but not as big as Salt Lake. We looked around the park campground it had water and electric but we had already checked in for two nights so we had no intention of moving. As we looked arround the park we saw the water skier with the snow covered mountain in the background. Further arround the bay a lady was standing on the dock with a pretty little sun dress on but I wasn't willing to ... read more
Wedding Veil Falls
View from campground
Fielding Garr Ranch

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden September 9th 2008

Click here to find out where the Reynolds are now? Good day all, Just rolled into Ogden just outside of Salt lake city. We left Abbotsford yesterday at 10:30 am and have put alot of miles behind us. We had a bit of a pokey start yesterday but made up for it. Had a great send off meal with the Clarke's and Bushmans Sunday night, tweaked our gear and set off. Rode to Seattle Cycle Centre to kit out Ray in a new set of Joe Rocket Ballistics and HJL modular helmet. Great staff and good prices.. I think were around 1500 klicks into the trip and all the gear and bikes are working good. This really is the warm up though, were in the minor leagues here. Lots of gas stations, great roads and ... read more
Larry Inspecting the bikes
Waiting at the border
Ray gets new Ballistics

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden August 5th 2008

I am sure some of you have been waiting with baited breathe to find out what has happened over the past few days, thank you for your patience. We have been doing great in our new RV. What a difference shocks can make on driving in windy areas and having breaks has been an extra special treat. There were some added bonuses as well: I have a closet door now so all of my stuff doesn’t fly out when we round corners (we call those noises our golf clubs), the air conditioner doesn’t freeze up and the sink does not leak all over our precious kitchen floor. Things are definitely smoother in our new ride. Since we last wrote we have let nothing stop us: forest fires, bears, salt flats and much more. Our first stop ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden July 15th 2008

7/11-14/2008 We finally got to see our good friends the Botts. I was going through withdraw from not riding but they saved me! I got to ride. We went on pretty trail rides, roped, and relaxed. My parents dropped us off and my grandparents picked us up on the 14th and brought us to Salt Lake City to see there friends Vicky and Randy. Katie... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Ogden January 23rd 2008

Obfuscator writes: We weren't in any particular hurry, so we figured we should check out downtown Beaver a bit. There didn't seem to be much to see, but we did manage to find a big pawn shop. At first we just figured we'd check out the guns and such, but we rapidly figured out that this was much more than a simple gun/pawn shop. This was in fact, the closest thing to a general store I think I've seen in the modern day, that wasn't some sort of large retail chain. This shop had everything. Tons of camping gear, clothes, books, stereo and electronics, guns, tools, etc. Most of it was pawned, I suppose, but much of it was like new. This pawn shop was two stories and sprawling. Really pretty nifty. We drove north toward ... read more
Cove Fort
These are the original fort's doors.
Telegraph battery system,

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