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North America » United States » Utah » Moab July 12th 2020

Sunday, 12 July, 2020 Yesterday morning we were getting ready to leave Stillwater campground when all our electrical systems in the camper quit. No lights, no water pump, no refrigerator. We were less than pleased, but decided we would find an RV place on the way to Moab, though I had my doubts about finding one open on a Saturday. Lucky for us Centennial RV in Grand Junction not only had a service department that was open, but Kevin, the man we spoke with, knew right away what was causing our problems. It was a blown 40 amp fuse in the truck that was preventing the camper battery from charging. Kevin replaced the fuse and had us on the road in no time, and in spite of the 100 degree temps, didn’t charge us anything. What ... read more
Arches National Park
Arches National Park
Arches National Park

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 10th 2019

Woke up early to another gorgeous day. Mornings have been in the low 60's for the past few days, then warming up to the mid 80's. There is almost 0% humidity in these parts, and were usually above 5000' above sea level, so everyone is drinking water like a camel. We're signed up for a private tour of both parks today, Aches and Canyon Land, and we arrived at Nav-Tec tours at 8:00. After meeting our guide for the day, Yancey, we took off in a Toyota Land Rover that felt like a tank. As we discovered later, it was good that it was built like a tank. Instead of heading into Arches NP through the main entrance, Yancey took us north, and entered the park via a dirt road. This quickly turned into a "technical" ... read more
Dinosaur prints

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 10th 2019

After a great nights sleep, and a leisurely breakfast, we headed out for a scenic ride along Rt 128 which meanders along the Colorado River. During the first few miles it began to rain. Actually we were looking forward to a little rain to wash off the mud that was covering our van. Plus we knew it was only going to be a short shower and would not ruin our day. We stopped at a movie museum that was located at the Red Cliffs Lodge. It was filled with memorabilia from the hundred plus movies, and thousands of commercials that have been filmed in the Moab area. We were surprised to find that some of our favorites, like the Eiger Sanction and City Slickers had been filmed here. After finishing our visit to the museum we ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 8th 2019

Okay folks, not a hell of a lot to write about today as it was a long travel day to Moab. The first part of this leg was eastbound on Rte 24, out the east gate of Capital Reef. The section of road continued to be quite scenic, with towering cliffs on either side of the roadway. We made a brief stop to view some petroglyphs along the way. Very hard to see, but interesting. Hitting Hanksville, we headed north and the scenery changed completely. Picture a highway on the moon and that is what it looked like. A local that we met in Torrey had said we should check out a place called Goblin Valley on this road, and we found the turnoff about 20 miles north of Hanksville. After driving down the longest entrance ... read more
Early Settler's Cabin

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 17th 2019

Perhaps no more iconic scenic landscape exists in the American west than Monument Valley, Utah. It appears in auto commercials, travel advertisements, and most notably, the Forrest Gump movie. I think it is the most "American" of all American scenes. Besides an iconic symbol of the American west, Monument Valley is the "sacred heart" of the Navajo Nation. Is it the pure beauty, the ruggedness, or the Navajo spirits that draw us here? Yet, it looks so familiar since we have seen it so many times on TV, and the internet. And those who know say it looks the same, whether 300 or 3000 years ago. The sky might be a different shade of blue, since we are ruining the environment, but the canyons are as deep and the sandstone buttes as towering. The magic of ... read more
Where is Forrest?
The Needle
Navajo country

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 25th 2018

This old state park got its name from an old ranching incident. A rancher fenced off what now is the state park for his horses. All his horses perished from lack of water; while they could look down the steep cliffs to the Colorado River. I crossed the Colorado River on US Hwy 191 and passed the facility built on a very bad superfund site. Arches had a line of cars waiting an hour or two to get in and I been there many times as it is a wonderful place...but not today. At the red rocks formation on the West side included the very unique Moab fault leading directly to the volcanic La Sal Mts. The East side of the fault had dropped down over 1500 feet (much still underground) compared to the West side ... read more
snazzy new facility built on top of major radiological superfund site

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 20th 2018

From Cisco, Utah I drove a few miles back to the seldom traveled section of the very scenic Utah Hwy 128. I drove through mostly federal BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land with some private ranches in a nice scrub desert. The sun was low in the sky when I reached the Colorado River. Then I could see the old bridge remains of the Colorado River as I drove over the newer bridge (no pics of newer bridge). With the Colorado River now on the right side (North) the evening shadows were growing in this nice large unnamed Canyon of the river that I call "Moab Canyon". The best views of the Colorado River and the nice colourful canyon were still West of me as I approached Castleton Junction where I needed an "emergency camp" for ... read more
Colorado River
Colorado River

North America » United States » Utah » Moab June 6th 2018

So it was quite a night last night. Trying to figure out who’s feet and shoes smelled. The smell was so bad that the shoes where put outside the camper. It kept away the bears!!!! The night was rough and very uncomfortable. I slept on a chair on the floor and in Rihanna’s and moms bed and woke up around 2:30 and never fell back asleep. But that’s okay!!!!! Rihanna hit mom in the face. Not once, not twice, but a total of three times. It was all on accident. It was hilarious. After that none of us could fall back asleep so it was mostly joking and being silly. Also durning in the morning Rihanna was throwing a fit and said “this banana sounds yucky.” On our way to the Moab. As we where going ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab June 6th 2018

Hmmm? I’m not sure if the Aliens are calling me Fresh? Or Jerky? 🤪👽... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Moab November 27th 2017

On our last weekend in Moab and feeling fit we elected to attempt an epic ride; the Jug Handle - Shafer trail loop. This 62km loop ascends 990m from the Colorado river to the Island in the Sky and back down Long Canyon to the river. We started at the boat launch into the Colorado river on Potash road and wound our way past the potash evaporation ponds, that we had spied from the East Rim hike in Dead Horse Point park at the beginning of our vacation, gently climbing the gravel road past Thelma and Louise point to the entrance of Canyonlands National Park. At the beginning of our vacation, we watched in awe from the visitors center as vehicles wound there way up the Shafer trail switchbacks to reach the top of the canyon, ... read more
Up there!
Thelma & Louise Point
Shafter trail,

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