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North America » United States » Utah » Moab July 3rd 2019

The Top 10 Road Trips in America, According to Geotab Southwest routes dominated the top 10. Monument Valley Trails 2. Yellowstone and the Tetons 3. Mesa Verde and San Juan 4. Along the Missouri River 5. Blue Ridge Parkway 6. Oregon’s Pacific Coast 7. Colorado’s Rockies 8. Grand Canyon Road Trip 9. Hells Canyon Scenic Byway 10. Bryce & Zion National Parks How many have you done? I will bet some of my dear friends, like the Bergs and Barnes families have done these. More about Numero Uno: "Awe-inspiring views of the rock formations of Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods and the Natural Bridges National Monument are enough to make this road trip an all-time classic," the Monument Valley Trails entry reads. "The route heads out on Highway 163 ... read more
Delicate Arch
Dead Horse State Park
Canyonlands, N.P.

North America » United States » Utah » Moab June 8th 2019

Moab history dates back 10,000 years, but the firest settlement was established in 1880. Moab appears in the Bible, a dry, mountainous Area east of the Dead Sea. Congress made Arches a national park in1971. Thankfully, Trump can't touch it!! Uranium was big here in the 50s thanks to Charlie Steen, not Sheen. Tourism began in 1983, with a silly fat-tired, multi-gearedbike called a mountain bike. Tourism is now Moab's largest industry. When I-70 was built in 1992, Moab became much easier to access. It is now a destination for people from all over the world. The silly Easter Jeep Safari is this wek, April 13-21. It draws tens of thousands of off road enthusiasts, creating a bonanza for area hotels, bars, restaurants, and junk stores. I have no idea how or why the Bureau of ... read more
On the way back from the Arch
Deadhorse State Park

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 19th 2019

While not the most appealing of names for a state park, Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a treasure to visit. Most spectacularly, the Park is a peninsula of rock, towering 2000 feet above the Colorado River. You can just imagine how it got its name. The most interesting to me is the "cowboy" legend, using the point as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. They herded the wild horses across the narrow neck of land onto the point. From there, the 30 feet wide neck was blocked off with branches and brush. This created a natural corral with sheer cliffs on all sides, leaving no escape. Cowboys picked the best horses, and let the others escape. It was not unheard of to leave the horses corralled on the point, and left ... read more
It is a looong way down
See the water?

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 17th 2019

Perhaps no more iconic scenic landscape exists in the American west than Monument Valley, Utah. It appears in auto commercials, travel advertisements, and most notably, the Forrest Gump movie. I think it is the most "American" of all American scenes. Besides an iconic symbol of the American west, Monument Valley is the "sacred heart" of the Navajo Nation. Is it the pure beauty, the ruggedness, or the Navajo spirits that draw us here? Yet, it looks so familiar since we have seen it so many times on TV, and the internet. And those who know say it looks the same, whether 300 or 3000 years ago. The sky might be a different shade of blue, since we are ruining the environment, but the canyons are as deep and the sandstone buttes as towering. The magic of ... read more
Where is Forrest?
The Needle
Navajo country

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 15th 2019

We are off to Moab, Utah to see more for our nation's natural wonders, specifically in the beautiful state of Utah. Moab boasts both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks within easy reach. Did you know Moab got its name from the Biblical name for a land that is just short of the Promised Land? It was the Mormon settler's in the 1800's that gave this beautiful area its name. There are 137 Bible verses where Moab is named. Arches National Park has over 2000 natural sandstone arches. The most famous is Delicate Arch, seen in countless photos and advertisements. The forces of nature for millions of years creates a unique and breathtaking scene. But no evidence of dwellings in Arches has ever been found. The first reliable date for Arches is June 9, 1844, by a ... read more
Love the Arches
Double Arch
Simply magnificent!!!!

North America » United States » Utah » Moab April 14th 2019

It was back in 1975, while I was in graduate school at U.C. Berkeley, that I took a trip to Salt Lake City for a week of skiing with distant relatives. Everyone I knew who skied, always said Utah has the best powder of any ski resort in the world. They wer right, of course, but just to set the record straight, it is VERY cold. The cold keeps the snow light! Anyway, we got to ski all the famous resorts, Alta, Snowbird, Park City, and a few more I cannot recall. We looked for Bob Redford, but were later told he was either out of town, or skiing on his own private ski resort. We also got a big dose of Mormonism, including Temple Square, ridiculous liquor laws, and the impact of the Mormon Church ... read more
Quite rustic
Monument Valley
Where is Forrest?

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 25th 2018

This old state park got its name from an old ranching incident. A rancher fenced off what now is the state park for his horses. All his horses perished from lack of water; while they could look down the steep cliffs to the Colorado River. I crossed the Colorado River on US Hwy 191 and passed the facility built on a very bad superfund site. Arches had a line of cars waiting an hour or two to get in and I been there many times as it is a wonderful place...but not today. At the red rocks formation on the West side included the very unique Moab fault leading directly to the volcanic La Sal Mts. The East side of the fault had dropped down over 1500 feet (much still underground) compared to the West side ... read more
snazzy new facility built on top of major radiological superfund site

North America » United States » Utah » Moab September 20th 2018

From Cisco, Utah I drove a few miles back to the seldom traveled section of the very scenic Utah Hwy 128. I drove through mostly federal BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land with some private ranches in a nice scrub desert. The sun was low in the sky when I reached the Colorado River. Then I could see the old bridge remains of the Colorado River as I drove over the newer bridge (no pics of newer bridge). With the Colorado River now on the right side (North) the evening shadows were growing in this nice large unnamed Canyon of the river that I call "Moab Canyon". The best views of the Colorado River and the nice colourful canyon were still West of me as I approached Castleton Junction where I needed an "emergency camp" for ... read more
Colorado River
Colorado River

North America » United States » Utah » Moab June 6th 2018

So it was quite a night last night. Trying to figure out who’s feet and shoes smelled. The smell was so bad that the shoes where put outside the camper. It kept away the bears!!!! The night was rough and very uncomfortable. I slept on a chair on the floor and in Rihanna’s and moms bed and woke up around 2:30 and never fell back asleep. But that’s okay!!!!! Rihanna hit mom in the face. Not once, not twice, but a total of three times. It was all on accident. It was hilarious. After that none of us could fall back asleep so it was mostly joking and being silly. Also durning in the morning Rihanna was throwing a fit and said “this banana sounds yucky.” On our way to the Moab. As we where going ... read more

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