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North America » United States » Utah » Kanab September 3rd 2021

After checkout, We were headed to Pahrump, NV to have breakfast with our friends John and Jennifer Trunk. It was a nice leisurely breakfast as none of us had a long travel day in front of us. We still can’t get over that we ended up in the same place at the same time so many miles from home. We headed to Kanab and as we entered Utah we found a visitors center. So we got off the Interstate and pulled In the parking lot. A car pulled along side of us and the people were waving. We Got out and heard “Let’s Go Mountaineers!” The young man was a 1999 graduate of WVU and saw our WV plate and followed us just to Cheer on a fellow mountaineer! After he and his wife left, Ed ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab September 25th 2020

After leaving my camp at Kanab Creek, I drove West on scenic Utah Hwy 12. I drove through Red Canyon and on to Red Canyon Village Store. The store was at the West end of Utah Hwy 12, at US Hwy 89 where I turned South. I drove about two hours and reached Orderville, Utah. I made a brief stop at Joes Rock Shop and Orderville Mine Rock Shop and spent about ten bucks on some interesting minerals for my blue truck. I drove South about an hour to Kanab, Utah, in Kanab Creek Canyon that flows into the Grand Canyon in Arizona. (Note: This is not the same Kanab Creek where I camped the night before.) I filled my truck up with gasoline and got a good burger there. I also made a stop at ... read more
red canyon rock
Red Canyon Village Store
Orderville, Utah

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 20th 2018

Day 22 - On leaving Durango this morning, we heard the last train back from Silverton had been delayed due to a landslide onto the tracks. This train was 1 hour behind our train, the passengers had to be coached back to Durango arriving at 3am. Lucky call to book the 1.45pm train! The US550 north was calling, The Million Dollar Highway, named as it cost a million dollars per mile back when it was built. Past Silverton and into Ouray, they call it Switzerland in America, as this little village sits in a majestic little valley in the Rocky's. Full of cafes, gift shops, art galleries and the like. A brilliant ride along the San Juan Skyway to Telluride was our next gem today, what a brilliant road either to drive or ride. Into Telluride, ... read more
Silverton CO from the Pass
Million Dollar Highway View
In Ouray

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 27th 2017

I’ve been hankering to do an ATV tour since we were in West Yellowstone. The four seaters are strategically placed on prominent street corners in order to lure unwitting tourists such as myself. In West Yellowstone, they only rented the four seaters for a full day, more than we were willing to tackle, and in Moab we didn’t really have time to look into it. I see a bright yellow Can-Am in Kanab and check the website. They offer a half day excursion including a tour of a slot canyon which sounds perfect. The hotel provides complimentary hot breakfast each morning which is a nice bonus. After loading up, we head over to the Kanab Tour Company to try our luck. They are just opening at 9am and as luck would have it, their morning tour ... read more
ATV Ride
AJ enjoys the ATV
Slot canyon 1

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 26th 2017

It’s warm and sunny this morning which means I am sweating profusely by the time I have completed the ritual of the suitcases. A quick check of the weather forecast and I decide to forgo the tarp as it promises to be clear and sunny all the way. We load up on some free snacks and coffee from the hotel and decide to get breakfast a little further down the road. It’s about 30 miles back out to I-70 and we backtrack the way we came in a couple of days ago. Quick wave to the dinosaurs and a nervous glance at Gemini Bridges road twisting away up the side of the mountain. We take I-70 west and are back on the surface of the moon. Bare dirt, huge spoil piles - some tan, some grey, ... read more
Goblin Valley Family
Goblin Valley Sailing ship

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab April 3rd 2015

Roadtrip SW USA: Winners are Grinners...or are they? The lottery for permits to visit The Wave has begun. Only 10 places per many here our chances about 5 percent. He turns the lottery wheel like an egg beater...the numbered balls bouncing...opens the cage...reaches in..."Number 26" he calls...that's our number! This is what we came for...what will we do? ****** I Feel Lucky...Yeh...I Feel Lucky Today. When planning our SW USA trip my Number One fact my only wish...was to visit The Wave in Arizona. I first saw it in a blog that blew my proverbial mind . Twisting...turning...petrified, yellow, red, brown and gold...I'd call it a dream if I didn't know it was real. "Walking the Wave" in the Paria Canyon-Vermillian Cliffs Wilderness thus became my "Walking on Water" Quest. ... read more
The road to Kanab
Do I feel lucky?

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab August 25th 2013

­We entered the town of Kanab as the destination point on our navigator. Kanab is a small town in Utah, where dozens of western movies were filmed until the 70s. During those days stars like John Wayne and Robert Mitchum inhabited this town of about 3000-4000 people. According to our guidebook Kanab would still have that old western film atmosphere to it, but we found that to be an overstatement. Instead, we did our laundry and spent some time looking for an open restaurant. All we could find was McDonald’s. It was Sunday, and apparently on Sundays people in Utah go to church like decent people, instead of keeping their restaurants open. We were headed for Grand Canyon, but on the way decided to drop by at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. We had seen ... read more
The Dune
The long way up
Ready to go over the edge

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 26th 2013

July 26th,2013 10:30 PM MDT Day 17 Today was the shortest tour of the week, Zion Canyon- 81 miles. As we got to Zion Canyon, we're thinking " did they save the best for last ". We're hoping the pictures will give some idea of how spectacular it is. We drove through a very short tunnel and one that was 1.1 miles long,built in 1930. We actually drove on roads that were down in the canyon. This was different from the other canyons since they were seen looking from the top down. We saw a desert big horn ram while driving through. After we got to the town of Springdale, we parked our cars there since there would be too many for the visitor's center parking lot.We were shuttled to the visitor's center and from there ... read more
Zion Canyon
Zion Canyon
Zion Canyon

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 26th 2013

July 26, 2013 4:22 pm Day 16 We where unable to get on the blog last night, this is for July 25th, 2013. We picked up our bag lunch at the host motel. Jacque finally met Warwick Landy from Australia who he'd been looking for since the beginning of the week.We started our 205 mile tour to the Grand Canyon North Rim at 7:25 am. Temperature was 71 degrees. Now we know why the Canyon is called Grand, it really is. At the visitor's center we asked what was the best route to take through the park. The ranger was a very personable young woman. Come to find out she is Beth Zovko from Pittsburgh in our own state. The highest elevation we reached today was 8859 ft. We got back to Kanab 22 degrees warmer-93,tired ... read more
Ponderosa Pine
Model T

North America » United States » Utah » Kanab July 23rd 2013

July 23rd, 2013 9:00 pm MDT Day 14 Today was a short tour, 73 miles. We went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado City, AZ home to the FLDS polygamy Community and the Pipe Spring National Monument. The Coral Pink Sand Dunes has some nice scenery, small area with 21 camping sites. Next was a real Model T experience, leaving Utah and entering AZ. The road changed to dirt (sand) road for 5 miles, a 10 to 15 mph top speed road, beautiful scenery along this road. Then on to Colorado City, AZ. This is 100% inhabited by FLDS (Mormons). Our Model T club got permission from the community leaders to visit their town. We were told that their children love the old cars and would be waiting for rides. You can see in ... read more
Scenery along road to Coral Pink Sands DunesNP
Entrance to NP

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