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North America » United States » Utah » Escalante May 26th 2019

May 25. This morning we were abruptly woke up by the loud sound of four-wheelers going through the parking lot. It sounded like an entire herd of them. The dogs were barking at all the noise so there was no chance of sleeping in. Check out time was 11am so we assumed it would be around that time when we would be able to move down to our new spot. David ran the dogs over to the pet fenced in pet area to do their business. I stayed and fixed us some coffee and some breakfast. Red was pretty anxious this morning with all the people and car activity around us. Just as we were finishing our breakfast Red had a bout of diarrhea all over the hall rug! OMG!!! So not much could be done ... read more
Signs for Burr Trail
Cliffs of the Slot Canyon
Slot Canyons narrow winding road.

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante May 24th 2019

This morning the sun was bright and the area was drying out and warming with the high to be 68 degrees. We had a leisurely breakfast as our drive today was only 33 miles. The idea was to move closer to the areas where we’d be taking in the sites. Unfortunately, this is also where I screwed up and didn’t have a reservation. Most weekends would be tough but this was the Friday of Memorial Day long weekend. The whole area was teeming with campers, four wheelers and bikers. Thankfully the park in Escalante said we could spend the night in their overflow area but we’d need to be in early. Since our checkout time here was 11 am we figured we’d be in there shortly after noon and in plenty of time to get a ... read more
Views just prior to arriving in Escalante.
Parking spot in overflow
Escalante National Monument Victors Center

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante October 15th 2018

I finished with the "Devils Backbone" and arrived in the Town of Escalante. Tonights camp would be Westbound from here; but there was something wonderful Eastbound to experience, so I did a backtrack to see the Escalante River canyon and more. First I arrived at the big parking area for the scenic overlook on top of the Escalante River valley. I camped downhill from the scenic overlook several times while it was legal camping. I would drive across the levels of the "slick-rock" areas and camp out of sight from the highway. Now most of that highway has guardrails just to keep people off of our public land. That was all BLM free camping until they made the Escalante National Monument (small NPS) and the camping ended. There are no signs to tell you where the ... read more
scenic overlook
scenic overlook
scenic overlook

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante October 10th 2018

Just two miles West of Boulder, Utah, Forest Service road 153 rides around the large Box-Death Hollow. This is where about twenty five square miles of the Plateau has slid downhill long ago exposing up to an 800 foot depression with exposed cliffs, including Devils Backbone in the Northern tip of the slide. I made the circle from the Boulder on the East around Box-Death Hollow and South to Escalante, Utah. The road starts out paved; but after a few miles turns into dirt by the left turn for the Native American restaurant. Then the dirt road goes continually uphill to and past Devils Backbone. The scrub junipers turn into a Ponderosa Pine forest as I gain altitude. In the pine forest Box-Death Hollow is somewhat visible to the left (West); but the best views of ... read more
Sweetwater Kitchen (Native American Restaurant and Hotel) sign
Dixie NF sign
paved road

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante May 3rd 2016

Started by seeing a bobcat in the wild. At first I thought it was one of the 3 Step dogs or perhaps a coyote, but the lack of tail and that bouncing feline movement left no doubts. A beautiful animal. Then perhaps the best days riding ever. The contrasts in scenery were amazing from towering red sandstone monoliths that iconize Utah to the rushing Colorado River and fertile canyons to gray sandstone that has you thinking you are navigating through a giant ash can to the snow covered peaks of the Boulder mountains. True sensory overload. The only comment that does the scenery justice is that you are coming back as soon as you can to explore further. Turns out it was the only day that Rob, Rik and I would ride together, but it could ... read more
Colorado River Valley
So Many Good Uses for Phone Boxes

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante October 3rd 2015

DAY 3 On leaving our cute little log cabin in Tropic we popped in to the local visitor centre ...always a good idea here in USA , the lady was so helpful pointing us in the direction of Kodachrome State Park , and I bought an annual Utah State Parks pass which the kindly ranger let me have at a senior rate ..always a good idea to ask about that !! One of a kind beautiful stacks of towering sandstone , changing colour as the light changes and this phenomena prompted the National Geographc Society to name the Park Kodachrome. We took a little stroll amongst the rock stacks and admired the vegetation growing on the sandy floor and the twisted tree trunks which make for a great addition to a photo. When it came to ... read more

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante April 28th 2015

Geo: 37.7703, -111.601Drove from Bryce Canyon to Escalante on Tuesday morning and checked out the visitor center for the national monument. There are two waterfalls on Calf Creek just north of Escalante and there are trails to both, so we thought we could do both. Tried the upper falls trail first but the start of the trail is an extremely steep 600 foot descent along a slick rock section. We started down but found the slick rock to be VERY slick and were worried about the climb back out, so decided to go back down highway 12 to the Lower Calf Creek Falls Recreation Areawhere the trailhead for the lower Calf Creek Falls is located. About 6 miles total with only a 250 foot elevation gain but trail is very sandy so fairly strenuous. On Wednesday ... read more
Lower Calf Creek Falls
Pictographs in Calf Creek Canyon
Scenic Highway 12

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante April 20th 2015

Grand Staircase Escalante Deutsch: English: read more
Grand Staircase Escalante
Grand Staircase Escalante
Grand Staircase Escalante

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante June 29th 2014

Start: Capitol Reef National Park Ziel: Escalante Tageskilometer: 122.7 Gesamtkilometer: 4'870.8. Um 05.00 h stehen wir bei Dunkelheit auf und packen unsere Siebensachen im Licht unserer Stirnlampen. Ein trockenes Peanutbutterbrot, Apfelschnitze, eine halbe Banane und dann geht's gleich mal zünftig aufwärts. Kennen dieses Stück schon da wir gestern einige Kilometer hochgefahren sind um den Sonnenuntgergang zu sehen. Nach 15 km kommt ein Restaurant wo wir unser "richtiges" Frühstück zu uns nehmen. Edel geht es heute zu: Egg Benedict für mich und eine zünftige Omelette für Heida. Geht etwas lang bis wir zahlen können und ich bin schon ganz ungeduldig da ich weiss, dass es heute ein schwerer Tag und es immer heisser werden wird. Bald fangen die Steigungen an. Erst noch moderat, doch dann zünftig. Die Landschaft ändert sich schon wieder d... read more
Abfahrten die verdient werden müssen
Escalante Monument

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante April 21st 2013

What a difference a few miles make. From the rust-shaded bottom roads in Capitol Reef we climbed until we found ourselves cruising narrow ridges high above it all. At first we found ourselves high above the frost-line among pine and birch and Mule deer. This soon gave way to white sandstone. The remains of a Sahara-like desert that once existed in this place until it was compressed for eons under enormous weight, transformed into rock and born again when wind and rain exposed all. Everything here is so bright. The sun reflects off all surfaces giving the landscape a washed out, flat effect. Distances are hard to judge as boulders and buttes fade into the camouflage. The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, at 1.7 million acres, dominates southern Utah. It is unique in that it is the ... read more
Roadside View
Cement Truck/ Pumper
Tout Dog

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