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April 30th 2008
Published: May 24th 2008
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An early start on the road got us on our way to Bryce Canyon. More motorways and winding roads took us the 170 miles into the National Park through mountains and snow drifts and fir tree lined forests.
The lodge was just inside the park and we settled down to eat an all you can eat buffet for supper and double whipped ice creams with assorted toppings, just up the boys street. There is always hope that they wont be too hungry later, it seems to be a constant cry! Tristan and Seb even managed some washing in the laundry whilst I had a snooze!
Up early the next morning and off to the Canyon with a beautiful clear sky despite a crisp ness in the air. We were completely taken a back by what we saw, it was truly amazing and quite breath taking. The bight orange funnel shaped rocks pointed up into the sky looking like drizzled shapes of sand that had set hard like rows of factory chimneys.. The colours varied from bright orange and rust to deep red and bronze some were even topped with late drifts of snow. The ‘chimney stacks’ covered the entire canyon floor with the rim edged with fir trees and jagged rocks.
We found a walk that took us down into the valley floor along deep steps cut into the side of the canyon between the rock formations. The deeper we went the taller the rocks towered above our heads blocking out the sky at times. The whole canyon took on a whole different perspective from there, The only problem when you walk down a steep slope you have to walk back up it again! Well worth the hike though and we were all pleased we did it.
We then took the car to various look out points along the rim and marvelled at the vastness of the whole canyon. It certainly rates as one of our top ten highlights.
One of the noticeable differences we find ourselves coming up against all the time is the size of the country and how everywhere is so huge, the world is full of the most wonderful places and we are so lucky to be able to see so many of them.
Once we had satisfied ourselves that we had seen the best views along the rim we left the park and headed off for our next destination, 260 miles east to Moab our next stop over spot. We debated about driving through the ‘middle’ along some less major roads and decided to hit the highway instead, the snow is still a bit of a problem at times and have caused some detours and delays. So with the music playing and a good old sing along to some old time favourites we arrived at our destination 3 ½ hours later only to find that the hotels and motels in Moab were completely full. Apparently every weekend people flock here to climb and ride the rapids along the valley floor, not helped by the fact that there was also some convention or something going on! So unfortunately we found ourselves heading back up the road some 55 miles to Green River where we had driven through an hour ago to stay in a motel there!
So here comes the best bit, much to the boys amusement I found myself being pulled over to the side of the road by the local policeman for speeding! The road was so straight and empty and not a car in sight ( except for the police car hiding in the ditch) it is very difficult to keep to the limit when you are going down hill!!! I also did not notice the speedometer as the car runs so smoothly you dont notice the speed you are going. Any how I fluttered my eyelashes and admitted to the fact that I was speeding and one look at my antique drivers licence (older that the officer in charge) I think he decided he did not know what to do with a foreign licence and it was going to be too much paper work he told me to watch my speed in future and take care!!!!!
A good day was finished off at a great little restaurant with the best value meal ever.


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