Texas, NM & Utah - 4/09

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Hi there! We’re on the road again. We hitched up the camper and left on april 13th heading west on a southerly route through Baton Rouge, Houston (at 6:00 am), San Antonio and then west on US 90 to Del Rio on the Rio Grande and then on up to Big Bend Nat’l Park where we stayed 4 days. Big Bend is unique, remote and big! Not for everybody but we liked it. There are roadrunners and javelinas there. Then we went due north for about 300 miles to Carlbad, NM. The caves were amazing, just like we’ve heard. Then it was on up to Gallup, NM where there was 40-50 mph winds and then Monticello, UT were it was snowing and 34 degrees in the morning! It’s really dry out here too 10-15% humidity, which takes some getting used to. We went to Canyonlands NP and spent 4 days in Arches NP….we’ve hiked every marked trail in Arches. Today is May 2nd and we’re in Moab, UT for a few days. Yesterday was our 33rd anniversary…we went to a Thai restaurant which was fun! We’ve stocked up on groceries, washed the clothes and tomorrow we head to Capital Reef NP
Big bend overlookBig bend overlookBig bend overlook

Overlooking our campground with Mexico to the left of the Rio Grande. Mexicans would sneak over and leave the hiking sticks, bracelets, etc and ask for donations.
for 4 or 5 days….then it’s on to various places in Southern Utah for the next several weeks and then down to Grand Canyon.

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Hike to the windows overlookHike to the windows overlook
Hike to the windows overlook

in the V in the background

30 mph winds
Newspaper rocksNewspaper rocks
Newspaper rocks

these petroglyphs are 1,000-2,000 years old

3rd May 2009

Beautiful Pictures
Hey Patty and Chuck! Wow...what beautiful sites you are seeing while I am back here trying to make it through the last 4 weeks of school! ; ) Patty...did you cut your hair short or is it just pulled back? It's nice to stop and smell the flowers huh? It looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to hit the road! Be safe and hope to see you soon and hear more upon your return!
3rd May 2009

Check this out.
Hey...I think these people are following you.... http://oldbluewebdesigns.com/mybeautifulamerica.htm
3rd May 2009

take me with
Wish I could've slipped into your suitcase before you left. I have wanted to go to Carlsbad for a long time. Pictures are gorgeous, thank you for sharing. Have a fun, safe trip Joan
6th May 2009

Where's the hair?
Yeah it's all beautiful...and yeah it makes me envious to see you doing what everyone should do in their lifetime but what the hell happened to your hair, Patty? I couldn't tell it was you and wondered who you were taking pictures of until I enlarged it. Actually it looks really comfortable. When Cindy sees it she's probably gonna want to do it to. She's be saying for a while she'd like to cut her's short. Hope you're having a really good time. I can see why you went back to Utah. The pictures are beautiful! If you have a chance to get up to the Salt Lake area Chris is in Lehi (~30 mile south) and would love to see you, although we would really be envious of you seeing our grandson. Just kidding obviously. They will be here over Father's day...can't wait. Sure do miss you guys. Keep us informed of where you are. When will you be back? Rich

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