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June 26th 2008
Published: June 26th 2008
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Port O'ConnorPort O'ConnorPort O'Connor

Where you could find me most Saturdays...
I just got back from an admittedly very cushy job in Victoria, Texas. It was a 6 week long project, but of all places to spend 6 weeks away from home, Victoria wasn't that bad! The beach was only about 45 minutes away, and the hotel had a pool, so I was usually lounging around at one of those two places during my free time. I got a nice tan! The crew had a total of 14 people, so it was a good mix. I worked in the lab doing data entry and recording artifacts that were brought in each day from the field. I was lucky I didn't have to dig, but when I go back in July I will be digging.

I also found out that I've been accepted to the University of New Orleans! Their Master's in Urban Studies program combines urban anthropology and historic preservation, so it was my first choice, and I may be able to continue the project I started during my senior year. I am excited! I will be moving at the beginning of August. It's a scary thought going to a strange city by myself, but I feel like I have a
Me in the labMe in the labMe in the lab

Before you think I had it TOO cushy, the lab was not air conditioned! Ok, a small price to pay.
great opportunity to help the situation there, even if it's just in a small way by helping to preserve their history, and if I can earn a Master's degree while doing that then all the better.

The best advice I've heard recently is to "never take life too seriously, because no one gets out alive anyway." I think you could apply that same logic to grad school!

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The largest ant mound... everThe largest ant mound... ever
The largest ant mound... ever

This is one giant ant hill! It is about 15 feet across. Reminds me of the cheesy scene in the new Indiana Jones movie.
Cows! Cows!

The project was on a working cattle ranch.

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