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April 28th 2020
Published: April 28th 2020
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A few months ago most people did not know what a pandemic was, or how deadly it could become. Just common sense told me that the Corona virus could become a global pandemic with many sick and many would perish. A pandemic is an disease epidemic with a rapid spread that develops over a wide geologic area that affects a very high proportion of the population. Pandemics can and have spread world wide.

Few facts are understood about Covid-19, but this is my best understanding of the potential plague hazards. I think that Covid-19 can not last long floating free in air. The primary hazard is from infected persons coughing and sneezing virus infected mucus droplets, inhaled or from touching contaminated surfaces then touching their mouth or eyes. I think the Corona can affect somebody from a small exposed cut in the skin. I think the Corona virus is not an influenza virus.

Our "social distantancing" keeps us six feet apart. In still air a strong sneeze can float contaminated mucus over three meters away. In the open, a sneeze can infect a healthy person about fifty Kilo-Meters downwind from the source. (Floating virus contaminated mucus can live for days.)

Now the masks they show on our TV have a zero protection factor. It could contain much of an infected cough or sneeze mucus from an infected person. Anybody using a mask will find the contaminated mucus would go through or around the mask (including the N-95 mask). Now for any protection factor you would need a minimum of a half face resperator with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. (A face shield should help for protection.) I choose to wear a bandana over my breathing zone to look like an old time western movie bandit.

While many people in the USA horded toilet paper, I added to my survival supplies including non perishable foods, good well water, drinks, fifteen liters of medicinal rum, meds, and disinfectants. Dry beans, long grained brown rice, and dehydrated fruits are good inexpensive dry foods that can be stored without refrigeration.

When going into town for supplies I find the six foot "social distancing" observed. Most of the employees and about 50% of the customers wear a mask. I am the only person I see that wears protective gloves; and I use five mile nitrile gloves.

I choose to

make my stand at Walters Tree Farm (with exotic conifers and domestic fruit trees) at a small un-named community bordered with square miles of commercial pine tree farm that is not posted and is open to all; but few use that pine forest besides me.

Walter grows as much fruits and veggies as he can. Tomatoes and peppers are appearing on the plants now. The peppers are planted in three gallon pots cuz in winter they go into the heated tropical greenhouse where they can live and produce year round for up to three years.

Now the peach and nectarine trees get the "brown mold" going around East Texas and all the fruit rots before it gets ripe. Walter gets abundant flowers from those fruit trees that he harvested; then the flowers gets dehydrated as a non-perishable high energy food source. The dehydrated flowers go very well in Texas pan cakes and some baked foods. Walter also dehydrates meat loaf for a tasty food for later; that has a very long shelf life without rot.

In case of a major power failure Walter has about fifteen gallons of non-ethanol gasoline for his emergency generator. The generator has a small hand built locked shed cuz people like to steal generators. This generator unlocks the front and top for easy access. Also the generator has a permanent ground wire (frame to underground) to prevent a serious static electrical shock when touched.

We can cook food & coffee with the propane stove. Walter uses the abundant wood supply for heating and open fire cooking. The Smoky Smoker is used to cook meats, corn, and taters.

Now the Covid-19 maybe had its first peak in much of the USA, and maybe not in Texas. This is hard to understand cuz of intentional dis-information from federal, state, and local government seen on our TV NEWS.

The economy needs serious help and Texas and other States are easing restrictions that could cause a second wave of infections with a higher mortality rate. (Jobs are not necessary for those that parish.)

"Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it". People should learn from the past. This applies to unnecessary wars and the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Discussion: This information is from the Wikipedia story on the (1918) Spanish Flu. That H1N1 influenza virus was named after the serious illness of King Alfonso XIII of Spain. The geographic origin was most likely to have started else-ware in Europe. There were other locations in the USA, China, and else-ware in the world that were rumored to be the origin of that virus. That bit of insanity we call "World War One" was a major factor in the spread and mortality of the of that viral pandemic; that probably started before 1918. The soldiers were subject to overcrowding, very poor hygiene, malnourishment, stress, and chemical attacks that destroyed the lungs; all weakened their immune systems. There could have been up to five hundred million people infected. Estimated death totals range from 25 to as much as 100 million lost. (These totals are still widely disputed.) Other factors were the dis-information from the governments and their failure to take preventive measures. (donnie still calls the facts "fake news". donnie's worst dis-information on Corona is telling us to ingest or inject toxic disinfectants into our bodies to kill the virus. True, the disinfectants in the body will kill the virus...about ten minutes after it kills us!) It is most likely the Spanish Flu started by 1917, with sources estimating the start as early as 1915. When an infected person coughs or sneezes more then a half million virus particles are expelled in hundreds of mucus droplets. The Corona virus can kill by causing hemorrhage and edema in the lungs. Most of the fatalities are caused by bacterial pneumonia. The first wave of the Spanish Flu was in 1917-1918. The virus mutated to a more deadly form in late 1918; causing the more deadly second wave, with October 1918 had the highest fatality rate of the pandemic. (Part of that problem was from aspirin poisoning as people complied with the US Surgeon General's advice to take large doses of aspirin.) The third wave (January to June 1919) was less deadly then the second wave, but plenty deadly. The fourth wave in 1920 had low mortality. The mortality rates from the four waves of infections were due to mutations of the virus.

Commentary: We need real information from our leaders and less BS. If we protect ourselves we will protect others. The Spanish Flu is different from Covid-19; but can mutate for unexpected results, including new waves of infection. If we were to lose our power grid we would be lost. Be safe and always

tomatoes & squash
protect your selves. Good luck!

Afterthought: I have travel in my blood. I am doing some travel to nearby counties in Texas in a responsible manor.


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29th April 2020

Great blog
Yes, I support that and I have necessary storage too.
30th April 2020

Thanks Sandra
I have much more work to do on this blog. Be Safe!

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