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North America » United States » Texas » Mission March 24th 2015

My next stop was to be in Mission TX; however, the journey from El Paso TX would be slightly over 12 hours according to MapQuest – that does not accommodate my “cruising speed” of 65 mph instead of the posted 80 mph on Texas’ rural interstate highways, fuel and food stops, one hour each for teardown and setup and the hour lost moving from the Mountain Time Zone to the Central Time Zone. So…. Uncle Larry planned a one night stop at Junction TX – relatively close to the midpoint. I awoke to a light drizzle on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. That drizzle continued as I tore down my campsite at the Mission RV Park in El Paso and light rain or heavy drizzle continued for about 75 percent of the drive to Morgan Shady Park ... read more
Weapons Of the Type Used On Iwo Jima
Three Of The 27 Marines Awarded The Medal of Honor For Action On Iwo Jima
Marine Corporal Harlon H. Block Planting The Staff Atop Mount Suribachi

North America » United States » Texas » Mission June 12th 2013

the day before many little things to finish and do. We are taking Sambo (cat) and Shorty (puppy) with us. The two of them love each other's company and play constantly here, hope they will keep each other occupied on the long trip and back. So excited about seeing family and meeting ones I watch and chat with on facebook. Mending the gift we are giving Kelsea and David was a new experience, hope it is accepted with the love and hope it was given. OK, got to get with it now. More later. Wed 6/12 left Mission with a car full of stuff, Shorty (the pup) and Sambo (the cat). Made it to Allen, Tx where Preston's sister Brenda lives. We went to Dallas to have dinner with my son, Jeramy and his wife ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Mission February 2nd 2013

Thursday, January 31st. Valley Gateway RV Park, Linn, Texas Cold last night, but 66 degrees with high clouds this morning at 10:30. Mileage at 36,472. Continued driving south on US highway 281 passing by/through the town of Edinburg and then on toward McAllen. From all appearances this area of the LowerRio GrandeValley is like many areas of growth in the US where once separate towns grow into each other such that you can't tell where one town leaves off and another begins. Again the idea crosses our minds that if you close your eyes and were dropped into the area, you might not know where you are just looking around, since all you see are the same stores--Sam's club, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buys, fast food restaurants, etc. You might have a better clue to your ... read more
1301-57 The La Parida Banco
1301-58 Vermillion Flycatcher
1301-59 Golden-fronted woodpecker

North America » United States » Texas » Mission January 25th 2011

While staying at the RV Resort in Mission, we took a day to visit South Padre Island. In 2006 we work/camped at a private campground on the island for 2 months and found some favorite restaurants and areas that we wanted to revisit. The campground that we worked at has now been sold and is currently a KOA, and sold right along with it was our favorite restaurant, Fishbones, now called Pier 19. But the location is still on the fishing pier with a nice view. If you wait long enough you can see dolphins swim right under the dock. The breakfast at Pier 19 was still excellent, but the fish stew is no longer on the menu. The Birding center, north of the campground, is a great place for a walk even if you aren't ... read more
South Padre
Two handed kites

North America » United States » Texas » Mission January 16th 2011

We have been in the Bentson Palms RV Resort in Mission Texas for a week now. We had 3 days of lovely weather and now 4 days of rainy cold. This camper gets mighty small in bad weather! We rarely stay in private parks like this; we much prefer state or national parks. But we wanted to bird this area and this park is a short bike ride from Bentson State Park which is part of the World Birding Center in Texas. The hurricane last year affected this area and some parts of the park were flooded when they had to open Falcon Dam. They are still repairing roads and removing mud. The area we left along the Alabama Coast had some terrific prices on shrimp and we had shrimp every day until we left. The ... read more
Giant Great Blue Heron
stilted houses
Ron and Dave

North America » United States » Texas » Mission February 22nd 2010

(Shining Light Ministries) I’ve mentioned that we are in the heart of citrus country, and today we were fortunate enough to be able to tour a citrus handling plant, right here in Mission. (There are six in this valley, not counting the private growers who market their own.) The plant owns its own orchard, one of which surrounds it, but it also contracts with other growers…think Sidney Sugars! They process citrus fruit from November to April, and then handle honeydew melons during the month of May, and then they’re closed for until the fall. They start with Mars oranges (my favorite, except for the seeds!), then Navel, and they’re just beginning to pick Valencia. They’re also just starting to pick grapefruit, and they handle both the Ruby Red, and the Rio Red. They also have a ... read more
From the crate to this stop:
The fruit has been through the first
Every fruit is powerwashed with

North America » United States » Texas » Mission February 6th 2010

(Shining Light Ministries) We went to the Citrus Festival in Mission two weekends ago~~we skipped most of the Mexican food (we’ve had plenty of that already!) but we did enjoy the parade. It was two hours long, and had 203 floats! I’m not kidding! And there wasn’t a tractor or combine to be seen! The whole festival featured the crops grown in the Rio Grande Valley, but there were fire trucks (with sirens that they were VERY proud of) and police cars from other valley towns. Also there were lots of government representatives from Mexico. The floats had grapefruit and orange slices on them~~the slices were curling, and looked real, but the information coming from those sitting around us on the bleachers was very uncertain. Well, to be more specific, they were all very certain, but ... read more
Duchess of Ruby Red...
Isn't her dress pretty from the back?
Did I mention that it was a citrus festival?!

North America » United States » Texas » Mission April 19th 2009

We are coming to the end of a month spent in Mission, Texas, located in the Rio Grande Valley. The RV resort we are staying at is Bentsen Palm Village, next door to Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, and the nicest rv park we have encountered in our short history as world travelers. The park has very large sites with abundant native plantings throughout. Moxie has made many canine friends at the huge dog park, which has a complete agility course, giving Lynn an opportunity to help Moxie brush up on her skills. The close proximity of the rv park to the state park is a real plus, giving Jon a short 15 minute bike ride to the hawk tower within the state park. Jon has volunteered to help count migrating hawks as they return to ... read more
Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort
The Pool at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort
Our site at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort

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