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August 1st 2010
Published: September 18th 2010
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Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home

Now that is quite a sight... the Rum Runner tied up behind the house.
So this is it... the last blog entry. And I am a bit perplexed at what to say. In many ways, I am sad that it is all over. We really had an amazing time; living aboard the S/V Rum Runner and sailing around the world for the last 5 years (okay... not AROUND the world like circumnavigating, but around the world like to other countries and across oceans). It truly was an adventure of a lifetime! It has been more fantastic than I could have imagined, way more difficult than I ever would have thought, and truly a life changing experience. We have learned so much, not only about ourselves but also about the world around us. And I will always cheerish the memories and friends we have made along the way.

But on the other hand, we are also very excited about what comes next. As this chapter in our life ends, a new adventure awaits us. As they say, "one door closes, another opens". And I guess that sums up how we feel right now. There is just so much we want to do in life; so many new places to travel and experience, so much to accomplish in our personal and professional lives. And you can't always do these things while you are off galavanting acorss the seven seas in a sailboat. So we have choosen to end this adventure in order to let the next one begin. And you just never know where the wind will take you.

We would never have thought that we would end up here in Kemah, Texas. Not in a million years. And if you had asked us where we would live after this great sailing adventure, I don't think that Texas would have made our short list (or even the long list, for that matter). But here we are. And all I can say is that we love it! We are busy getting settled into our new life here and are certainly looking forward to our next big adventure... whatever that may be.

So with that, I wish you all Fair Winds and Following Seas on Lifes Great Adventures!


18th September 2010

Thanks guys for letting me live my own fantasy through your blog. I think my true adventure is ahead of me, and will most certainly be very different than yours. Good luck in Texas and make everyday special. Paul
18th September 2010

A fitting end
You two truly have had a life changing experience. I am so glad to have been able to share it with the small way of reading your blogs that is!
18th September 2010

So! this was the last leg...... .
So it was the last leg of "Rhum Runner" ("Sniff, sniff") What will be the name of the next one? Bises a tous.
18th September 2010

Its is sad for us too. I'd love for you to continue to let us know what the next step is for the two of you. Jen, are you starting an acupuncture business? Jay - any new ventures for you? It was so nice to be a fly on the wall of your very exciting lives these past 5 years! Thanks and good luck! cheryl
18th September 2010

Bittersweet Ending
A bittersweet ending to a wonderful adventure! Jen, you couldn't have picked better words to describe the ending of the last chapter in your lives and the beginning of the next one. In fact, all your blog postings have been well-written with great pictures. We looked forward to each one. Now we are looking forward to your book! love...... jean/mom
19th September 2010
nice post i like it thanks for a searing
19th September 2010

sad this chapter has ended
Hi, You have a positive outlook even tho the adventure of a lifetime has ended you are waiting a new chapter.Memories of that experience will stay with you and make you happy forever.
13th November 2010

We miss you
Dear Jay and Jennifer; Talk about timing. I just sent you, Jennifer a be-lated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish and then thought maybe I should just check your blog to see how you are both doing and ....voila... It sounds like you really are enjoying the Landlubber lifestyle once more. Randy and I are in total agreement that for us these past four years have been a wonderful experience and making friends with people like you out here in the Caribbean have made it so rewarding with fabulous memories. Take care and we miss you but wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Keep in touch. Lynn and Randy S/V High States
8th December 2010

love you and LOST YOU
We are still reading your blog, for the millionth time and we have totally lost you. We sent you messages but maybe you didnt get them????? Please contact us because Gattopardo crew misses you like crazy!!!!!!! And you were supposed to come to see us this coming summer. That would be a great (or an interesting?) new adventure, wouldnt it?? Love you loads!!!!!!!!!!!!

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