Texas Indepedence Trail Day 6: Hunstville, Washington-on-the-Brazos, and San Felipe de Austin

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March 15th 2013
Published: February 14th 2014
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Texas Independence Trail Day 6!!!!!

I;m deep into Sam Houston Country. The place is obsessed with him! Driving into Huntsville you come across the ginormous Sam Houston Statue. The statue soars above the piney woods. One should definitely stop and say hi. Sam Houston spent his later life in Hunstville, TX where he continued his law practice. Traces of him are everywhere and you can tell the area is proud of him. You've got his statue, his museum, a university named after him, streets, and death site and grave site.

You may think that's the only thing Hunstville has going for it but you would be wrong. It also has the Texas Prison Museum due to Hunstville being one of the biggest prison places in Texas. They have Old Sparky, the prison electric chair for people to see. I wish they'd let you sit on it. But I guess that would be weird.

Nearby is also Hunstville State Park with its awesome Piney Woods. I love walking through the woods and experiencing nature. I grew up in south Texas where the tallest trees in the brushland were usually just a bit over the rood of a house. Seeing the pines stretch up into the sky before they sprout their branches is cool.

If you keep driving around you'll eventually meet up with the Birthplace of Texas. This little shack was the site where Texans gathered and declared their independence from Mexico (Jose Antonio navarro being one of them 😊 😊 😊 .) There is also a pretty cool museum for lovers of Texas History. I'm surprised to see such a good museum in the middle of Nowhere East Texas. They did a great job with the museum as well as preserving Anson Jones (Second president of texas) homestead.

I was finally on my way back home but stopped to say hi to Stephen F. Austin. He has a statue close to where he would conduct his business for the colony he started. Its my favorite statue showing him as a pensive and learned man.

But it was finally time to go home. I had my cats waiting for me. I hope you've enjoyed my historical trip through Texas celebrating some of Texas's most important events!

The Story Today:

-Sam Houston

-Texas Prison System

-Texas Declaration of Independence

-Stephen F. Austin.

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