First Live-aboard Dive Trip: Tips to make it perfect.

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July 8th 2014
Published: July 8th 2014
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Live aboard diving is bliss for divers. Imagine for a week, your daily routine is just dive, eat, sleep and repeat. There are enormous exotic live- aboard diving destinations that have to be visited once in a life time. Liveaboard diving is best suited for the people who crave to explore and to dive in the depths of the most pristine destination. Liveaboard diving has lot to offer to explore some intense places that would make a holiday worth remember. So, if you are planning a holiday, liveaboard diving is the best options to experience the exotic place around the world. If it is your first live aboard diving, there are few things you have to keep in mind to make your vacation perfect.

First live-abroad travel tips

Make sure you carry biodegradable products like shampoo and soap because everything you rinse or flush is ultimately goes in the sea you are sailing.
• Carry least amount of clothes. Instead of clothes, make sure you carry enough swimwear. Clothes like t-shirts and shorts are advisable to the amount of the length of the cruise.
• Always consult the live aboard operator about the diving tools needed in the region you are visiting and make sure you are well trained in using them.
• Bring adequate films and batteries for cameras, dive lights etc.
• Book your room in advance because live aboard have limited cabins and they are usually booked. Centerline is the best location to book a cabin, to avoid pitching due to heavy seas.
• Live aboard cruises doesn’t offer room services or the menu to order from. Make sure to place a special menu request in advance or carry it along.
• Always prepare and service your gear before you leave.Dont depend on the crew member of a boat because they have a limited repair and rental capacity.
• Be nice to the crew members, because they are the one who will serve u throughout the journey. Sometimes crew members screw up, if there’s a genuine problem make sure you inform the captain about it.
• There’s going to have to be a schedule and everyone has to stick to it. People who hold up their schedule usually miss all the dives plus the meals and snacks promised.
• The price of the live aboard covers diving, lodging and food. However, it doesn’t include the cost of the hard-working crew that spends the week catering you. Fetch them with tips to motivate them, so they provide quality service and most importantly tips are the important part of the crew’s income. Bring cash to tip the crew at the end or in the middle of the journey.
• Buy insurance for your trip as it reimburses you all the covered losses regardless of the reason. There might be a possibility, that you miss boarding your boat, you will not get the refund because most live- aboard companies have strict policies regarding cancellations.
• It is advisable to a take a specialty course before planning a live –aboard dive. You will get a plenty of time to practice your new skills on a five dives a day.

These are few tips for the first live-aboard travels. Apart from that, you can carry your pharmacy along because there is no drugstore at sea. So, if you are planning a holiday, liveaboard diving is the best options to experience the exotic place around the world. Places like Belize, Burma banks, Cocos Islands, Fiji, and Galapagos are few exotic places to experience live aboard on this planet.


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