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September 17th 2008
Published: September 17th 2008
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Early last Saturday hurricane Ike hit Houston. I won’t show you any pictures of the aftermath. You have already seen plenty of those if you are reading this. I went to Bryan Sunday to get supplies. I grew up in Byran. My trip to Bryan is the only thing that makes this a travel blog. My son bought me a chainsaw. I told him that I would pay him back. This is my first chainsaw. They are so much fun that I think I will be a lumberjack in my next life.

I also picked up some fuel and a few other odds and ends. Brought back 160 pounds of ice. I didn’t really need that much ice, but I knew my neighbors would. One of my neighbors is a volunteer. She spends her days handing out food, ice & water to Hurricane Ike victims. I guess I’m a Hurricane Ike victim. I don’t feel like an Ike victim. The only thing I don’t have is electricity. It is a lot like camping except that I never left home. She came home late Monday and told me that she had a case of MREs for me. What she gave me was something other than the MREs I am used to. It was a case with 12 “shelf stable” meals. All 12 were the same: Bumble Bee Chicken Salad with crackers, Libby’s Vienna Sausage, TGI Friday’s Potato Skins, a 4oz. container of Mott’s Original Apple Sauce., a Planter’s Peanut Bar, a peppermint. There was also a packet with a spoon, salt and pepper, napkin, and moist towelette.

I didn’t eat the Vienna Sausages. I don’t like Vienna Sausages. My dog likes them. Here is a photo of my dog waiting for a sausage. Her name is Connie. The potato skins were not good. The chip bag had a “best by” date of 13209B38. I don’t think I will live long enough to see that date come around. They tasted like stale Pringles. I think they look a lot like a ½ oz. Little Cleo fishing lure. The lure in the photo is a 1/3 oz. lure. I have a lot of fishing lures but not a ½ oz. Little Cleo. Did you ever notice that the “Serving Suggestion” doesn’t look much like what is inside? When you are finished with your meal all the packaging fits inside the plastic bag it came in. Makes it real easy to throw away. If you add up all the calories in the meal it comes to 940. That is without the Mott’s Apple Sauce. You had to call an 800 number to find out the nutritional information. I called the number twice but lost the signal both times. Maybe you can get that info for me and add it to the blog as a comment. The number is 1-800-426-4891. If I worked for 60 Minutes and asked all my viewers to call Mott’s, I bet Mott’s would call and get me in hot water with the boss. I don’t think that I will ever work for 60 Minutes but I would like to. I like Andy Rooney and hope he is on the air forever. I’m not going to send this to Andy. I don’t think he cares much for emails. If you send this link to everyone you know, and every one that gets it does the same, maybe someone at 60 Minutes will read it and contact me about a job. But I won’t get my hopes up. TICK,TICK,TICK,TICK,TICK,TICK.

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22nd September 2008

But Can it Catch a Fish?
The Potato Skins might look like a Little Cleo, but can they catch a trout?
22nd September 2008

No way. A trout will eat bugs and worms, but never a TGI Friday's potato skin.

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