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May 16th 2009
Published: February 24th 2012
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The Dome Bar at the Camino Real HotelThe Dome Bar at the Camino Real HotelThe Dome Bar at the Camino Real Hotel

Great place, expensive drinks.
Great vacation before the school year ends!

Colby travels a lot on business for the state so he's promised to take me along. Our first trip was to his old home turf El Paso for some conference or other. We'd be staying for a couple of days. Our hotel was downtown at EL Paso's oldest most glamorous hotel.

We had a corner room and it was HUGE, very presidential, with a view of the mountains.

While Colby was away conferencing I headed over to the EL Paso Museum of Art and its a pretty nice one for a town of this stature. They have an excellent collection for not being know the world over. Its a definite must to any visitor to this town.

The following day I visited the Insights El Paso Science Museum with my brother Luis and his daughter Martita. I can tell she is like me because even though she has been here several times she NEVER gets bored of seeing the exhibits and playing with the cool science stuff. My favorite was the working Tesla Tower. Raw power at its finest! Darn you Edison for ruining Tesla for us!

After my brother dropped me off I roamed around downtown for a bit. Of special interest was a pawnshop of curiosities that I found. Pancho Villa's trigger finger was for sale at a cheap price! There is also a mummy if you are into that sort of thing.

Also finally got to see the Ysleta Mission. I have been curious about this old church for a while. i can't wait to show my kids at school! I am glad they are still working churches that pose as museums. Even though I am not Catholic, I am still all for people having ancient and hollowed grounds for worship.

I celebrated afterwards by going to Casino Night!!!! Woohoo! Money and Big Bucks!

This was my second time ever going to a casino and after running through $20 in less than 2 minutes I was all, "Really? Is that in?" so I spent the rest of my time people watching and being Colby's good luck charm while he slot machined away. By good luck charm I mean that whenever I'd walk away he would start winning. Whenever I would stand next to him and watch he would lose.

He kept shooing
El Paso Museum of Art #1El Paso Museum of Art #1El Paso Museum of Art #1

A Leonardo? In El Paso? How the heck did this end up here?
me away.

We spent our last day in El Paso the following day. We first went to Lookout Mountain for great views of the city below. I love how certain parts of El Paso start going up into the mountains. Its my favorite type of city, a mountain city.

We drove through the Franklin Mountains on the Trans-Mountain Highway and then headed over to the Wyler Aerial Tramway for some scary fun. Once again my fear of heights was severely challenged but I just had to have this experience.

At least the gondola didn't shake as much as I thought it would. But once on top at the mountain station I felt as if the whole thing was shaking and it was all going to come tumbling off at any point. I felt miserable up there. I hate my fear of heights so much. It always makes me irrational. We couldn't get back down fast enough.

Later that night we went to the world famous Chico's Tacos, which is supposed to be the best place to eat cheap delicious tacos but really they just tasted like crap. I just didn't see the big deal about them and vowed to never have them again. Booo Chico's!

Overall my stay in El Paso was great! I had been here before but had never really gotten much opportunity to do anything. I am glad I was able to see some of the sights. Its a nice town for a visit.

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Tesla Model!Tesla Model!
Tesla Model!

This is a really cool model to see in action!

The supposed Trigger finger of Pancho Villa for sale at a downtown pawn shop. Its cheap at its $9,500 price!
Mummy for Sale!!!Mummy for Sale!!!
Mummy for Sale!!!

I want one to sleep to next to.
Ysleta Mission El PasoYsleta Mission El Paso
Ysleta Mission El Paso

The mission was established in 1680.
Casino Night!Casino Night!
Casino Night!

I have no idea what I am doing. I just keep hitting buttons until it says I can't anymore.

I refused to go home empty handed!
Colby at the SlotsColby at the Slots
Colby at the Slots

Colby is a much more seasoned veteran.
Colby's Jackpot!!!!Colby's Jackpot!!!!
Colby's Jackpot!!!!

I would of walked out then but Colby kept going until he lost it all.

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