Our last blog post in the U.S......into mexico we go.

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November 13th 2015
Published: November 26th 2015
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Ryan at the piano. They have lessons once a week. He played for us a little, but you know what it is like with "Nana" and "Papa" watching you.
"She says": Here we sit in Donna, Texas. We will be crossing over into Mexico tomorrow. We don't know what kind of internet we will have so we thought we better catch you all up on what we have been doing. We had a great visit with the grand-kids and seeing Jay and Jenny is always a delight. Desi and Doug have an amazing home and they were very gracious to allow us to be part of the birthday celebration and Halloween too. For the ones that don't know who Desi is, she is Jay's ex-wife and her husband Doug. It is so nice for the Nana and Papa to come into a group that all get along, so the kids benefit from everyone. Doug has a daughter, her name is Bella and she is very sweet. So it was a family gathering for sure. Jay and Jenny came and stayed with us at the trailer, but it was only to sleep as most of the time we were at the house. We had bought new camp cots as the couch in this 5th wheel doesn't have a bed. They just fit in the living-room tightly and it was very cold,

You can only keep a active child like Ryan focused for so long.......love this picture..
so we gave them all the extra blankets we had and they said the cots were hard, so they ended up buying mats for them and then never got to use them. The second night we left the heater on to come on when needed, and that helped a lot. The week we were there was great, but as usual it went fast. It was very enjoyable to see the grand-kids growing up and see them changing. They are all very busy with soccer, tennis, and dance, and everything in between that it sometimes it got chaotic, but watching the parents deal with it makes me remember what it was like when our kids were their age. Having kids can be stressful, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

"he says": It has been too long since we had last seen the grand-kids or Jason and Jenny; I could wax long and hard on these two grandchildren but will try to keep things a little short as I don't want to be like the someone who corners a friend and shows them a million pictures of the grandkids.....I will add it made me some what sad to

Jaden was much more reserved. Didn't want us to watch him, so we stayed in the next room and Gerry took this picture of him without him knowing.....
know that we miss so much of how their lives change, how they grow, and what they are presently involved in....distant relationships can be disheartening but it was really great to again be involved in their daily activities. Sue has touched on the generosity of Doug and Desi in allowing us to be there and I will add they both are great parents and easily work around the problems of a split family of which Sue and I both know the difficulties that can occur.

The biggest thing that i noticed about Jaden and Ryan is they are growing up; the maturing in their smiling faces and though they still argue as brothers and sister, there was an easy flow among the three...the addition of Bella to this group was a very enjoyable experience and seems so natural. I can add that each time we connect with Jason and Jenny or the other kids I marvel at their maturing and the different things going on in their lives. I wonder was our lives with the kids so hectic and filled .... probably just gettin old!!! Grandpa's observation of the dynamic duo was Jaden he is still the introspective one;

Such intensity...wonder what he is wishing for......
much thought and quiet moments with Ryan still being the whirlwind....zooooommmmm and away we go!!!!

The various pictures tell a lot; from music lessons to chess instruction, soccer and tennis, all these activities are creating a very expanded knowledge and character in these kids.... the added bonus of seeing Bella doing bits and pieces around the house of her dance instruction made me wonder what it would have been like to have a girl....I miss being able to see the spontaneity and energy of children. The kids of today are so up on technology and I feel very out of it when a 12 year old and 9 year old have to explain how this techno thing works @#$ยทยทยท##%&() that is my attempt at computer swearing which is a good illustration how little I know......and at times my frustration with techno stuff!!!!

Watched Ryan at soccer and enjoyed those little legs and arms zooming about the field....mom and dads aren't allowed to be too expressive from the sidelines in watching which made sense when you hear about the tirades of some parents at sports events. Seeing the soccer game brought back memories of watching the kids doing their

Happy 12th birthday, Jaden
stuff from running and playing to different track meets. The energy of it all left me drained just watching.

Celebrated Jaden's birthday at the Ritz-Carlton hotel; seemed an odd place to do a birthday celebration but this was his choice and it was sushi for the "birthday meal".....definitely not used to this $16.00 a drink atmosphere, dark oak paneling surrounded clunky big sofas and chairs,blues background music and well dressed people sipping tall drinks amidst laughter and good food. Had done a caricature of Jaden and he seemed really pleased with it.

Next day onto paintball; this is A REALLY FUN THING to do and its great after to compare bruises and ugly welts furnished by those who use you as a target.....Doug had never done this before and seemed to really get into it....peppered me from head to toe and enjoyed the experience of picking on a 69 year old. Split into separate teams, Jenny and I joined together and took on Jason and Doug and the boys... never did see Jason as I lasted the opening salvo by about 20 seconds...old people don't move fast!!!!!

The owner approached me after two rounds and inquired how

The party at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta. This was taken after dinner.
the old guy was doing....I buried his body in the bushes with his paintballs!!!!! Being the oldest player you would think they would have cut me some slack but it seemed " hey look a the slow moving target.... BAM, SPLAT, SPLOTCH, THUMP, BANG.....OW, OW, OOOOWWWWW...I GIVE UP... even with the declaration of surrender I got peppered!!!! It truly was a great day to be around Jason and Jenny and the boys....made me realize how much I miss them all and as I previously stated long distance relationships suck.

Jason and Jenny came and stayed with us in the 5th wheel; a little crowded but it was great to just have the time to talk, reminisce, and find out what they wanted for their future. She is a fabulous addition to his life and they meld as one with her easy manner softening his intensity. Reminded me very much of Sue and I as she softens the rough edges of this "OLD B....." Life is truly good when you have God and the right mate in your life!!!!

All things good come to an end eventually and we must move on...was sad to leave but was invigorated by

Presents for the birthday boy.
what I saw in my children and grand children... their lives are unfolded into new adventures... could say so much more but will leave this with I am very thankful for my family and all that it means....

Additional photos below
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The night was getting late and Ryan just couldn't make it any longer.

Paint ball the next day. Listening to the instructor on how to not get hit........

Bella doing her Rambo stance.....

The boys just waiting to get their shot in.

Even the old guy in the middle was having fun...

Bella and Ryan with their stick people costume on Halloween night.

There were others who dressed up too......Jenny

All the carved pumpkins....

Three generations.....Ryan was never around when we wanted him.....

Then too quickly it was good-bye Georgia and continue south...

27th November 2015

Sharing in your visit
I so appreciate you sharing your visit with me. I really enjoyed what you shared and am grateful for it, I had mixed emotions as I read, very grateful that Jay & family had you with them, happy for you two that you were blessed with being able to be with them and alas sadness that I couldn't be there with you, and yes all of you! :-) I will pray that you both enjoy good health and safe travel while you are away from home. With love from the heart Jesus gave me, Sandy P.S. I am noting how time is passing so quickly, "we" are all in our sixties now with one of us is soon to past into "his" seventies! I realize Sue, that Gerry has an exceptional trophy wife (they are usually "younger"!!!) and you obviously fit the part, beautiful, youthful and "younger" (oh I said that already lol)
18th December 2015

Thank you Sandy for the lovely words. I am glad you are enjoying the blogg. We haven't done much lately, but will put more up soon.
1st December 2015

Loved the blog
was wandering if Mel and I would be welcomed out for a short visit. Just wondering or haven't thought how that would work. Help!
18th December 2015

Glad you like the blogg. We would love to have you visit. Email me and we will figure it out.

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