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North America » United States » Texas » Denton April 11th 2014

We got an early start as we wanted to stop at Chinn’s Chapel Cemetery once more before heading to Oklahoma. This time we went into the chapel and opened the two doors and windows. We let in light and fresh air as they would have for my great grandparents wedding and my great grandmother’s funeral. I thought about my great grandmother; she was about 29 years old and had just given birth to her 4th child. The other 3 children were 4 and under with my grandmother being 1 year old. I have to wonder how horrible it was for her, to think that she might be dying with these 4 little kids around. There is a sign printed on a cardboard in the church. The average age of death in the 1800’s was about 25 ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Denton April 10th 2014

I had a conference in Dallas to attend as I needed to obtain some yearly certifications. I thought it might be good to take a couple of extra days and go to see some family stuff. My maternal grandmother was born in Denton, TX but her mother died the following year from, what we believe, were childbirth complications. My great grandparents were married in Denton in the little log frame Chinn’s Chapel, still standing. My great grandmother’s memorial service would have taken place in that chapel and her father married his next wife in that little chapel. My mother and I found her grandmother’s grave several years ago but she was only putting together the information on her mother at that time. This trip I took my 13 year old granddaughter as it seemed a good ... read more
The Cemetery

North America » United States » Texas » Denton January 20th 2014

The day that everything started might not have been as dramatic as the title implies, but it certainly came out of nowhere. Until then I was a normal university student, majoring in Creative Writing and desperately trying to find a way to make that relevant. One day, completely by chance, I arrived at a poetry class about ten minutes early and heard two students discussing their own study abroad experiences. I listened to the excitement in their voices as they talked about all of the places they had seen and the wonderful people they had met, and an idea began to stick in my mind. These quiet ideas are the worst. They are subtle. They are tenacious. They bide their time until you're sleeping, or showering, or doing some other mundane task that doesn't require much ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Denton December 12th 2013

Hey everyone. So this post is just an introduction to my Europe trip coming up next week. I'll be spending a month traveling through Europe, taking in the sites, soaking up the culture, and meeting new people. If I could wrangle some more time off work I would stay longer, but four weeks ain't bad. The first half of the trip is organized and planned while the second two weeks gets a little more tentative. I fly out of DFW on Saturday, Dec 21 and arrive at LHR the next morning. I will stay with my sister, Crystal and her husband, Stephen in London until the 26th. After London, I'm on my way to Austria for a few days of snowboarding in Innsbruck, followed by Amsterdam for New Years, then Verbier, Switzerland for more boarding. I ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Denton October 20th 2013

So pretty sure no one is reading this but I will write anyway. Basically I want to introduce myself and how I became obsessed with traveling. First of all, it's all I have ever known. Really. Both (yes, both) of my parents are international flight attendants for American Airlines. While American has suffered in recent years and caused my family trouble with pay cuts I absolutely love that company. If it weren't for my mom wanting me to finish my degree I would probably be a flight attendant myself. In fact I took my very first airplane ride at 6 weeks old. I'm 21 now and still completely in love. A few months ago I was traveling with my mom in Santiago, Chile when I knew I had to study abroad. When I got home I ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Denton August 19th 2013

August 17th, 2013 I met my mom and we went to the North Texas Fair Parade in Denton. The parade seemed smaller this year than in years past. After the parade, we walked over to the courthouse and found it open. It has been a long time since we had been inside it. We went through it and the museum. Musicians had gathered on the courthouse lawn and were having a jam session.... read more
North Texas Fair Parade
North Texas Fair Parade
North Texas Fair Parade

North America » United States » Texas » Denton June 21st 2013

Another travel nurse and I ventured down to Ray Roberts State Park in Texas. Nice time away in the hot weather, talking about family, relationships, boyfriends, work, and more work. It was about 3 hours away. On our way we stopped in a town called Nocona. We wanted to go to Nocona Boots but they moved their store to El Paso. We did go to a Antique store and walked down their two-three block main street where everyone was "out to lunch" between 12-1. We stopped for lunch at The Center Restaurant and Tavernin Muenster, TX for German food. Another small town in Texas, this had a German theme. Pretty tasty food and great Mango Pina Colada. This state park lays just north of Dallas/Fort Worth. Many adequate camping sites and camper hookups. We ended up ... read more
Scissor Tail
Ray Robert's shoreline
Ray Roberts State Park, Texas

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