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March 21st 2005
Published: September 24th 2005
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Hey everyone,
I dont have much patience to sit in an internet cafe right now, on the plus side there is air conditioning, (its 100 outside and more humidity than a Colorado guy can handle,) since I'm just starting out I have a short attention span. It will improve I'm sure. So starting off I arrived in Bangkok at 1:00 am on the 18th; I'm into my fourth day here. After figuring out the bus system I made it to the the Banlamphu area; dirty, busy and wonderful. Banlamphu is just northeast of Bangkok's major cultural sites, Grand Palace, Wat (Temple) Phra Kaew, and Wat Arun to name a few.

I've already made a few stupid mistakes; changing some money in LA at lousy exchange rates 29bt =1$ when the rate here is 38.3bt =1$, leaving my key at the hotel counter when I paid for the third day, and not eating Thai steet food sooner. Not only are the Thai's very nice, see key incident, but they can laugh at themselves and you when they see something silly. And I'm most ashamed to say that on day one, with no sleep in 2 days I was conned into visiting
Sandra and NathalieSandra and NathalieSandra and Nathalie

If I can keep meeting as interesting and funny people as these two my trip will much for the better.
a "jewelry and fabric store" in exchange for a cheap ride on a tuk tuk. I read about the faily innocent con in the book and was determined to avoid it and on day one it happens. I've been laughing at myself a lot lately.

On the fortunate side I've already met several great people. On the flight down I met Mike a Californian that quit his job and bought a bar in Ko Samui. It's called Sister bar, (her brothers bar is on 15th street) in the Hat Lamai area, I filled a page on some great advice and since Ko Tao is one of my first stop I will kick a few back in his bar soon.
Two days ago, on my way to visit the grand palace I met two French Canadian Ladies as we were trying to cross a major interchange. We laughed as we were stranded until a Thai came along that we could follow to safe ground. We visited the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew; home of the emerald Buddha, a most revered and traveled buddha and Wat Pho; home of the giant reclining buddha. My jet lag caught up though and I

A large mural around four sides of the palace square, this figures tounge is covering a village from invaders
was passed out after one beer on Khao San Road.

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Guards at Grand PalaceGuards at Grand Palace
Guards at Grand Palace

The building in the background is home of the Emerald Buddha. Shots of the Buddha are not allowed.
Flower at Wat ArunFlower at Wat Arun
Flower at Wat Arun

There are Eight Jolly fellows at the gates of the reclining Buddha.

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