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March 3rd 2008
Published: March 3rd 2008
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The Harbor FountainThe Harbor FountainThe Harbor Fountain

I've been practicing with my camera in my time off. Fine art in my own backyard? Who knew!
Before I decided to try my luck at CRM, I was warned that there could be periods of time when projects might be few and far between. With the recent troubles at TXDot, a major source of funding to the CRM firm where I am currently employed, many projects were either put on hold or scrapped altogether. Winter is typically slow for CRM firms anyway. This period of inactivity has also coincided with a major change in my life. My husband and I seperated at the beginning of the year, and I have been preoccupied with the business of setting myself up in an apartment and with the upcoming sale of our house. I have also been practicing with my camera to keep myself from getting too bored.

Thankfully I am scheduled to start working at the end of March. The site I'll be digging at is the Firewheel site that I blogged about this past October. This was an interesting site so I'm glad I have the opportunity to go back there.

Finally... Some recognition!

The current issue of Archaeology magazine (March/April 2008) has an article about the world of shovelbums and contract archaeology. I love the opening line: "They call themselves "shovel bums," and they are the backbone of archaeology in this country." Honestly, I thought the article was well written, but far too short! Much more could have been said about the experience of an archaeological technician and the pros and cons of shovelbum life. It is only a few pages long, and the pictures of the technicians themselves make them look all beaten down and forlorn. Now, this may be what every shovelbum looks like at the end of a long, hard summer of digging, but for goodness sakes at least let us escape with some dignity! 😊 Overall, it is a good read if you can find the magazine at your local bookstore. Here is a summary of the article: Shovel Bums

Grad School

I have applied to two programs so far, and still plan to apply for two more. The schools I have applied to are Tulane University and the University of Chicago. The schools I plan to submit applications to very soon are the University of New Orleans and Texas Tech University. Wish me luck!


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